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When the summer months start to roll in there comes with it a vibe of ease and relaxation. The suits and the clothing that we wear must also conform with the vibe of the season. Even the workplaces start relaxing the strict dress codes to get through the sweaty season without having a meltdown. While this is good news it should never be taken as an excuse for a sloppy attire. While you can go a little casual on these days you still have to look sharp and stylish. Summer suits are the ones that are on the rescue squad for these times. In this article we are going to discuss about the summer suits and how to select them.

Mens-Seersucker-Blue-Suit Suits have become an integral part of our lifestyle especially the working men. While we just can't forgo the style just because it feels stuffy how we style them is still in our hands. So when you buy your summer suits make sure that you pay attention to the construction of it. The main qualities of the summer suits like it's weight, breathability and texture majorly depends on its construction. When you select a suit that is well structured then it most probably is fully lined with the provisions of shoulder padding and such. This in turn increased the weight of the garment making it stuffy to wear. So when you get your summer suits go with options like unlined summer suits and half lined summer suits that will offer you movement of air thus keeping you cool through the day. But in these cases you will have to sacrifice on the structure of the suit to some extent.

The next thing that you will have to note is the fabric from which the summer suits are made from. During winter you may be used to the wool and tweed suits but when it comes to summer suits you will have to go with lightweight ones like linen and cotton. Linen summer suits are the most classic pick for the season and is the one that is most popular. The linen summer suits have a breathable structure and are light to wear. Linen summer suits tend to wrinkle easily and hence you can use it for casual purposes like summer weddings and travelling. If you are thinking of styling linen summer suits for work then it is best to go with blends of linen with cotton or wool since it wrinkles less.

Mens-6-Button-Vest-Taupe The next popular summer fabric is the cotton. Cotton summer suits are one of the most versatile picks which is summer friendly. If you are getting the summer suits for wearing to work then cotton suits are the best since they tend to be stiffer than wool and more breathable. Other than these two fabrics you can also go with seersucker summer suits. This is a style that is undergoing a growth in popularity in the recent years. Seersucker summer suits are extremely breathable but they are more in the casual side of clothing.

The color of the summer suits that you are choosing plays a major role in the overall look. You may be used to the usual wardrobe of black, navy and charcoal gray suits but summer is a season where you have to let loose a little. Also the darker colored clothing tend to absorb heat more and retain them hence being uncomfortable to be in the whole day. Therefore when it comes to summer suits go with lighter colors like cream summer suits and light gray summer suits since the light colors tend to reflect the heat rather than absorbing it.

One of the colors that is most recommended for the summer suits is the light gray. Light gray summer suits is good pick for office use since it is a sister shade of the famous charcoal gray. You can pair this summer suits with light gray fresco shirts and a bold colored tie for a neat look.

The next color that is a good pick for the summer wardrobe is the light blue. The light blue summer suits and the baby blue summer suits may be attention grabbing but is a good pick when you want a youthful look. Blue summer suits look great when it is in linen. One of the major advantages of the blue summer suits is that they tend to go well with almost any colors and hence is a versatile pick. Blue summer suits are the ones that is most preferred when it comes to beach wedding summersuits.

Khaki is a good color when it comes to summer suits. Khaki summer suits look great when you style them for the daytime events. You can go with a darker shade for a semi formal look and go with lighter shades for casual look. You can pair a dark khaki summer suit with a crisp white shirt and a black tie for office. Same way you can style a light colored khaki summer suit with a blue and white striped shirt for a casual look.

All these colors make you blend with the surroundings and are best for formal purposes like work and regular events. But if you want summer suits that stand out then you can go with brighter colors. Red summer suits is a good pick on that note. There are a lot of shades in this color of summer suits and you can choose the one that best suits your personality.

Other than this you can also try out the off white summer suits and tan summer suits when it comes to special summer events like weddings and cocktail parties. You can also go with patterned suits like polka dot summer suits and pinstripe summer suits . The lighter color of the summer suits tend to stand out much and therefore the fit of the suit matters a lot. Always go with skinny fit summer suits or slim fit summer suits if your body type permits.