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SuitUSA 1950s Men's Suits Fashion is made to become unfashionable. But there are certain Mens Suits styles which never go out of fashion. Fashion has been a part of our culture and of our society for decades and even centuries.

1950s Men's Suits

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1950s mens suitsFashion is made to become unfashionable. But there are certain styles which never go out of fashion. Fashion has been a part of our culture and of the society for decades and even centuries. In fact, there have been both bad and good fashion trends in every decade. It is very important to remember that people's attitudes and beliefs can and do effect different parts of culture. Therefore, 1950's men's fashion trends were influenced by 1950's attitudes and beliefs.

Fifties fashion for men are often thought in terms of the Fonz and Grease. This image of men, all attired identically, is what fostered by the book and movie, Man in the Gray Suit, a story about conformity. Men didn't have many workplace choices for color except the Dark blue, dark brown and charcoal. Even the ties possessed the traditional men's flamboyant touch, which are uniform and dark. Sometime would have to pass before men began to reclaim the sartorial splendor which has been historically theirs.

In the 1950s, fashion was conservative where Men wore gray flannel suits even if it were 100 degrees in the summer and women wore dresses with pinched waists and high heels. The 1950's businessman and common people had worn the clothing that are made from cotton, silk, or wools. . However, wool was very uncomfortable especially in the dog days of summer. However, the 1950's businessman nature was all about business and seriousness and not the comfort. In addition, to both the gray flannel suits and the wool suits and jackets, 1950s business men also wore ties at their work. However, after work, the 1950's businessman relaxed their fashion statement by removing tie while flaunting in a  dress shirt, and dress pants for even social occasions. Some 1950s fashion emphasized fitting into the social mold of the strongly held belief that gender roles were to be strictly enforced. In other words, when it came to 1950's fashion trends it was understood that men wore suits and women wore dresses. Moreover, 1950s men fashion trends involved businessmen and common people to wear cuff links with their gray flannel suit during both an important business meeting and a dinner date with their spouse.

As the 1950s progressed men's fashion trends changed a bit. There were more colors used in all fabrics where are extremely lightweight. In addition, men were changing out of their vests and opted for cardigan sweaters. In addition, men's jackets were longer and there was less structure in men's jackets, especially in the shoulder area. Moreover, men's pant legs were narrower. 

Men wore hats in the Fifties. Not sometimes but all the time. There was some variation in the style, but no man was dressed unless a hat adorned his head.

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