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Stripe Tie Striped ties are good choice to be worn at all formal occasions. The mens striped ties come in different colors and fabrics according to the occasion. Knowing what kinds of patterns and colors work with the striped tie may seem impossible but it is not true. Choosing the right color shirt can help bring your ensemble together, giving you a wonderful, classic, and fashionable look to add to your closet. It is important to know about the patterns while selecting a dress shirt to match with your striped tie. And you should follow some rules if you are choosing a striped tie for an everyday look for work or a more formal event. Go with a solid, light colored dress shirt. Opting for the light and solid color dress shirt for your striped tie is always the safest choice. You must match the color of your dress shirt with the stripes of your tie. If your striped tie has burgundy stripes, then you can simply pair it with a burgundy dress shirt . The next best option is going with a Solid and dark color dress shirt. The pairing of a solid dress shirt with a striped tie is also the safest choice. If you are choosing a dark color dress shirt, then try to match it with the palette of your tie. Pairing a dark colored shirt with a light colored tie is a great idea for good contrasting. The purple striped tie with a purple shirt looks more cool and royal. You can wear this purple striped tie for any less formal and casual attires to dial up the look.

The next good choice is going with a checkered patterned dress shirt. But the Pairing of a striped tie with a checkered pattern dress shirt can be a little tricky when compared to the solid dress shirt. Make sure the checks in your shirt are small and light in color. Wearing this checkered patterned dress shirt gives your ensemble a little bit of texture and it won’t clash anywhere. There are some things that you should not do while wearing a striped tie. As mentioned earlier, introducing a striped tie adds color and style to your wardrobe. But you should be careful when pairing it with more intricate and bold designed dress shirts. Pairing the mens striped tie with a polka dot dress shirt clashes more so it is better to avoid this matching. Similarly, the pairing of plaid or paisley patterned shirt with a striped tie will clash and would get lost in a sea of the pattern. The second thing to consider while choosing the mens striped tie is the width of the label on your suit jacket. Make sure the striped tie matches well with the width of the lapel. This correction in dressing doesn’t look out of fashion.The green striped tie is also a good-looking one which can give you a classic look. You can wear this green striped tie for all less formal and casual events like dinner, outing with friends, beach wedding, or casual parties, etc hence you won’t wear the green striped tie for formal occasions. Instead, you can go with a blue striped tie, or a black and white striped tie for formal events like interviews, business meetings, and formal weddings. Wearing a blue striped tie with a blue shirt gives you a handsome look in formal attire. The black and white striped tie can be paired with a black or white shirt for an elegant look. For a fun look, you can try wearing a blue and yellow striped tie. The red striped tie can also create a fun look when paired with a bright color shirt and mix-match pants. For a simple yet decent look, you can move to the blue and white stripe tie. This blue and white striped tie can pair well with a white or blue shirt.

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The mens striped tie also comes in different types. Some of its types are detailed below. The one most pioneering piece is the British Regimental Striped tie. Its stripes running from the left shoulder down to the right waist. Regimental Striped tie of varying colors looks more stylish and standard which are more popular in British Military. This British Regimental mens Striped Tie is best used for more business formal occasions including meetings, work, client-facing, an important presentation, or an interview setting. The next type is the American Regimental Striped tie. It is often seen as a counterpart to the more traditional piece which can be worn for all formal events. The University Striped Tie is the third classification which has a pattern of diagonal stripes of equal size. In the University striped tie, the stripes are mostly in navy. These types of striped ties are more versatile than other types. You can wear this University striped tie at both formal and casual events.

Brown Tie When it comes to the Repp Striped tie, it has more of a weave than a pattern, and that creates visual interest through its depth and texture. This red striped tie is a perfect piece for formal occasions including daily work, presentations, and business meetings. This perfection is only because of its manageable weight and a good feel. The mens skinny striped tie is a versatile piece that can be worn for both formal and informal settings. The striped pattern in a skinny tie is a contemporary piece that make you stand unique in the crowd. This is because of the sleekness of the skinny silk tie. The mens black striped skinny ties are best suited for both formal business settings and for more informal events such as a night out with friends or while out on a date!

The mens knitted striped tie is more popular in recent years. It can give you the perfect entry point to experiment with a textural variation. The mens Knitted striped Ties are considered less formal and can be used to dress down a suit or dress up a more casual outfit. Most knitted striped ties are constructed using either wool or silk and can be worn during colder months of the year. While the mens Knitted striped Ties are not typically worn to formal business events, they are ideal for a less formal, casual setting, such as a beach wedding and the place where one can wear chinos and a button-down blazer.