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Mens Brown Hat

Be it for making an attempt at getting a minimal protection against weather elements or simply for fashion purposes one of the popular option is hats. In earlier times this was required from any gentlemen attending social events or even simply going outside. Even when the rules are not as strict as before hats are making a definitive comeback.

 loafer Now if you are thinking of getting this style there are a lot of options to choose from. Some of the famous styles are discussed in this article which can make it easy for you to choose one that matches your style.

You would obviously remember the legendary hat worn by the legend himself Charlie Chaplin. This famous style of hats are called the Bowler and it is better to add an eccentric touch to your crisp formal get up. The name comes from its founders Bowler Brothers who invented the style in the late 19th century. They are widely known as Derby in the United States. Since this is a formal style of hat it is better to get them in dark colors like black, dark grey and brown. But if you are a person with the round face it might be better for you to go with some of the angular styles ofmens brown hat

 loafer Flat caps are known by many names depending on their usage like the ivy cap, driving cap, newsboy cap or the cabbie cap. This mens brown hat is characterized by a rounded silhouette that sits close to the head and also with a short, stiff brim. They are winter mens brown hats and since they are made of thick fabrics like the wool, tweed or cotton. You can use this as a fashion alternative of the baseball hats. If you are going for this style then it may be better to not match the caps fabric to the overcoat since it may look like an outdated uniform.

Fedora is the most famous and the common one in the list. The mens brown hat is characterized by its brim and its indented crown. The crown of this mens brown hat is the most versatile one that is flexible and can be shaped into variations according to the wearers choice. You can wear this mens brown hat with almost any styles be it casual or formal. If for formal styles then go with the classic colors like black or brown and if for casual styles then go with lighter shades like cream or beige.

Trilby is a similar style that almost looks like the Fedora but have a narrow brim and shorter crown when compared to the Fedora. They were the most popular choice in the 1960s as a driving hat to wade off the winds and dust. Also the shorter crown was designed so that it does not hit the shorter ceilings or the roofs of the American vehicles. If you are a person with a small face then this might be the right pick for you.