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For men who are looking for suits with spectacular cut, it's time to look out for sharkskin suits. The outfit is made out of the worsted fabric to give a two-tone appearance by using basket-weave technique. The benefit of two-tone is that the shades differ according to the lighting. This outfit maintains the shimmer for a long time. Let's discuss how to buy this attire and pull off with ease.

How to make use of the two-tone pattern?

Pick a shade that can shine in a dual way. If you happen to stay indoors in the daytime and go out in the evening or night, here is a method that men can make use of. If you are sporting a navy blue sharkskin suit in the morning and you have got an event in the evening, then you can make it look like grey by picking colors from the shirt and tie you wear already. For e.g. you should wear a pale blue shirt and tie for the navy suit, then go on with classy white shirt and black tie combo for the grey suit. Our team has woven a blue sharkskin suit with a tailored slim-fit cut by blending wool and mohair. This staple is a valuable addition to your closet to pull off a debonair look with ease. To get the best texture, we have used best wool and fiber. Complement this attire with a solid color shirt and appropriate accessories. The dual tone serves dual purpose as well. Bold shades can make you look regal when you wear it in the night time and you can subdue the look with a swanky white shirt in the daytime when you are going to your office. We have also designed the suit with other fabrics like sheen which is of superfine quality that can be worn for both formal and semi-formal event.

Go retro

They are also available in classic blue, woven with dark and light blue yarns to get a sparkling look. The outfit is made out of rich wool entirely to make the attire more gleaming. The color varies according to the lighting from dark navy blue to classic blue. You get to experience the true richness when you wear it rather than seeing on the screen online. It is suitable for all special occasions which look exceptionally brilliant both in sunlight and in artificial light. This is more suited for a casual occasion than a business meeting.

Experimenting the shades of the sharkskin

Men need to wear suit for most of the occasions if they are bored of tux. Prom, wedding, party or any big day, suit-up is the first priority. These sharkskin suits can be woven using rayon apart from mohair and wool to create two-tone appearance which helps in making the outfit wrinkle free and light-weight. Although blue gets the first priority, there are other hues that buyers can consider. Shades like grey look dashing when worn during the months of spring and fall as it is woven with wool. Whenever you sport grey, make sure you complement it with navy blue or lavender to get a royal look. Complete the look by choosing a pair of black dress shoes. Customary shirt accessories are indeed important like pocket squares and ties. Play with some contrasting colors and you can pull off a smart and chic look. There are different shades of blue, one among them is indigo. Revive the swanky look by choosing this shade as it is trending this season. It is woven with wool of supreme quality, offering a rich texture and it is medium weighted suit. Look out for oxford shirts with checked pattern in vibrant shade from our site to add a glow to your look. Go professional with white or pastel blue and for casual look; switch over to black or any solid shade. Select right amount of sheen to look elegant. Choose double-pleated pants, two-buttoned jackets with notched lapel, patterned ties to complete your look. We assure that it can create the best style statement ever. Apart from these shades, there is tan sharkskin suit which goes well with blue or mint green shirt with a printed tie and wear brown oxfords. For taller and stout men, we have specially designed fully lined type of this outfit in olive shades and you can match it with white shirt and pink tie.

The richness of blue

Blue, as soon as you read this word, you can relate this color to men. Yes, this color can complement most of the other shades in your wardrobe as well as there are different types of blue. When you buy a suit, you have enumerable options to choose. It's important to pick the right blue for the right occasion. The royal, sky and teal blue can make the man look magnificent and these shades are very bold. These hues look great when worn during summer and can be nicknames as Mediterranean blue. For professional look, you need to look sophisticated and smart. Go for true blue suit or charcoal or steel blue. These are lighter tones of blue and you can wear it for a conference or presentation. Then there are conservative tones of dark blue which is a common staple in every closet of man. Men look suave when they wear navy blue with a pair of black shoes for a job interview. You can complement the attire with a royal white shirt to get the most formal look. Our team has designed a true blue suit with tailored-fit which is very quintessential in a man's wardrobe. It is an exclusive piece and it can also be worn as a sports jacket. This shade is worn by many famous personalities and hurry up to get yours before the stock lasts. This is a very rare color and it's hard to find. Go for pink shades when you choose the shirt, and wear burgundy or red or purple colored ties.

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