Styles of kng suits

kng suits The word suit is derived from French word “suite”, which means “following”. The suit is a type of attire that is made from same cloth, which comprises of trousers and a jacket. The evolution of this type of garment is after 18th century, the British regency period contributed to the raise of smooth and sober longue suits, which is a perfect business out-fit. After industrial revolution, the suits were mass produced in four ways- Bespoke, made to measure, ready to wear and suit separates. Now, suit has become the key piece in any man’s wardrobe and this has led to the growth of several reputable bespoke shops such as KNG, which offers best quality garments at reasonable price.

The exquisite suit jacket:

The K&G Men's suits have given new definition for fashion, breaking the older style and fashion rules. The double or single breasted buttons is the key element of this blazer. The shoulder slopes are well stitched, so that the roll back of the collar is eliminated and garment is perfectly tailored in such a way that there is no pulling of sleeves, at the point where it meets with the body.

Fabrics and fabrication:

The kng suits are made from top quality, handpicked, wool flannel that belongs to the category of cashmere fabric, which is one of the luxurious fabric materials in the world. The fabric material of the suit enhances the breathability, shape retention and is highly resistant to cleaning and pressing agents.

The mastered tailoring:

The three dimensional shape of the jacket is achieved by the exotic stitching. The parts of the front body such as chest, collars, waist etc are fused by using fabric adhesives. The attire is canvassed by skilled master cutters and pattern tailors, this result in increased life span of the suit and it moulds the shape of the wearer’s body perfectly.

Extended choice of colors:

The apparel is available in wide range of colors such as navy blue, gray, black, white and charcoal gray. Pairing shirt for the suits is a daunting task; however beware of your complexion while pairing, since incorrect pairing will collapse the entire elegant look of the clothing.

The elegant cuffs:

The KNG attire is designed in such a way that the cuffs of your shirt are one inch past the jacket sleeves. The button cuffs and French cuffs are the commonly used cuffs. The cuff is the only area that is visible in shirt, when you wore a jacket, so make sure that the cuff part does not disturb the sleeves of the jacket.

Extreme quality:

The manufacturer of quality Men's suits knows the importance of quality inputs. The K&G suits are fabricated with top quality genuine horn buttons, long lasting ember linings, surgeon’s cuff etc. The pockets of the trousers are beautifully crafted with fine fabric material to accommodate the gadgets such as phone, I-pad etc.


The best part of the K&G suit is that despite of its extreme quality, it is available for reasonable price, which is affordable even for a common man. These K&G suit collections are truly exclusive, refined and versatile, and give you a signature look.

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