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Seersucker suits are one of the most important cotton fabrics made suit varieties that are loved forever in the industry. These suits have reached great heights from deep below from its own history of dark days. If you own a seersucker suit these days, people think that you are rich as the fashion industry has given it a premium look. As a truth, a seersucker shirt or pant was considered as poor man's choice during the time of Second World War in the U.S. It was during that time, seersuckers came to existence.

This full cotton fabric was worn by people of working class who had nothing to save and very less to earn those days. It was hard to get bread ones a day for a family and men preferred seersuckers as it was very cheap, comfortable and suited their lifestyle that required a lot of hard work. This is a puckered fabric that is thin and great for summer that requires no pressing or much care. As days passed on this classic model underwent a lot of changes and today this material is a rich man's ultimate choice. The wide range of seersucker suits you find at Suits USA are of high quality authentic cotton weave and straight from the Italian tailors who gives it a perfect finish that you can't find elsewhere.