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Men's suit has been the most opted formal outfit for years together. With suits for men being so common, so are the colors of suits that have taken the course among the fashion industry for men. Some colors have become the signature colors for men's suits that everyone generally prefers to wear. Colors like black, navy blue, brown and gray are the signature colors in men's suits. It is not that the colors and suits become common, but it is the highly great impact that certain colors have on a men's suit. One such is the light gray color.

Silver Gray Suit

The color gray is a blend of black and white, whereas the light gray color includes more of white and less of black shade. The light gray color is the second most preferred color for men's suits. This color has versatility in shades of the gray color. The light gray color has multiple variations ranging from dark to light. Based on the choice you can choose the shade of the light gray suit.

The Light gray suits for men come in wool fabric, linen fabric and poly-rayon fabrics. Light gray suits look really classy when paired up with white color dress shirts. The color is so subtle that neck ties of all colors will go well with the gray suit, white shirt combination.

Tips on men's light gray suit:

  • To add a more funky not so formal look, pair your light gray suit with a pink neck tie, this combination looks really different and suitable for dinner parties, prom nights and so on.
  • In order to add a perfectly formal look for business meetings, wear a light gray suit with a black chalk striped neck tie. This will make the overall look of your suit formal. All the suit patterns look good on the light gray suit.
  • Single breasted light gray suits are most preferred traditional old pattern.
  • A three piece suit designed in light gray color is an outstanding piece of outfit in itself.
  • Dark black buttons on a double breasted vested light gray suit makes the vest look fashionable and independent. You can choose to remove the jacket to highlight the buttons on the double breasted vest of the light gray suit.

Light Gray Wedding Suits

The light gray suits are even suitable for weddings. The groom's light gray suit in pure linen fabric takes the overall look to a different level. Light gray suits for groom are the perfect match option as they blend well with the bride's white gown too. Men's light gray suits for wedding are designed in pure linen fabric with elegantly designed Italian cuts, making the suit look rich and grand. Light gray suit is an ideal choice for Beach weddings.

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