Men's Purple Tuxedo

Myth about colors:

Bright and funky colors are the new trend in the fashion industry. Getting dressed in not so common colors makes you look different, eye-catchy and bold in a crowd. There standard colors that people adhere to for some garments. Like for example, a formal business suits for men should be none other than black, grey, navy or brown. These are the common colors subject to formal business suits. Casual colors become limited to white, red, blue, green and sometimes orange. Black and white is the signature color combination for men's tuxedos. With the fashion industry evolving so much, there are newer color options being added to the common color palate of men's choices.

Purple Tuxedo

A blow to the tuxedo colors!

Men generally prefer to wear tuxedos for special occasions. Most probably, tux for men is considered to be worn for traditional occasions like weddings and close family functions. Initially men preferred to wear tuxedos only in black and white color combination, as it was observed that this combination looks the best of all. But now a day's men's tuxedos come in vibrant and exciting colors like red, navy blue, brown, yellow, green, orange and purple too.

Yes – A purple tuxedo is the blow to the color options for men's tuxedos. The purple color is a stylish bright color that resembles the blend of ink blue and yellow. It is not so bright not so dark, the color purple is pleasing to the eyes and noticeable in a crowd. Purple goes well with light shade of grey as well as white. Pair up a purple tuxedo with a clean and crisp white tuxedo shirt and look the best like you never looked before.

Black is good color option to blend with purple. In a purple men's tuxedo, black buttons look neat and nice. The color too has many shades to itself. Ranging from the darkest to the lightest, all shades of purple look equally good on a purple tuxedo. The color is not completely formal or completely casual. The purple color goes well for formal as well as casual events.

Making you look unique and stylish, a purple tuxedo elevates your style quotient to a higher level. Do not hesitate to buy a purple tuxedo that will be a best asset in your wardrobe. You can wear a purple tuxedo for a prom night, a friend's wedding, a casual dinner night or even a semi formal business meet. Dressing right in the purple tuxedo with all matching accessories will make you look right at all occasions.

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