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There comes a time in every man's life when it's time to invest in a tuxedo, unless you grew up in an English manner dressing for dinner, you probably could use a tip or two. Deciding on the collar of a tuxedo is the most important element for men's formal dressing attire. But most of the men fail to give appropriate attention as they lack knowledge on which kind of collar will complement their look the best.

A Tuxedo can carry different types of lapels such as Shawl collar, Peak collar and Notch collar. Choosing one of the styles depending on your looks and personality is quite crucial. Each lapel has its own uniqueness and fashion sense according to the trends.

Shawl Collar Tuxedo

Let us now look at the Shawl Collar Tuxedo.

The shawl collar tuxedo was first introduced in Victoria smoking jacket and is also referred as roll and dinner collar. The shape of the shawl collar is round without any points and notches and runs from the jackets collar and goes down to the button, making a nice classic V shape. Shawl collar lapel is considered more formal than peak collar and notch collar.

Shawl collar tuxedos are generally worn in formal events such as wedding, cruise and black tie events. Shawl collar tuxedo changes your personality from a casual dresser to a dapper secret agent. Shawl lapel usually goes well with dinner suits. Many people usually get confused in choosing the collar for their tuxedos that will give them the best look. But unfortunately, there isn't any way to pick one out of the types of collars. Deciding on the collar typically depends on you. But if you want to keep the look classical and traditional, then shawl collar tuxedo should be your perfect choice.

Wearing a shawl collar tux to a black tie event? Follow the guidelines mentioned.

There is a pretty strict framework for the black tie attire. It has a little flexibility on some of the small details, but by and large it is a uniform look.

  • Shawl collar tux should have the facing made of either satin or wool to give it a shiner look to the jacket.
  • For the slimmest silhouette and the strictest formality, an unvented jacket is preferred. However, double vents are also acceptable.
  • The button of the jacket should be either plain black or should match as same as the shawl collar.
  • Black-tie trousers are straight forward and they should be the perfect match to the jacket of the shawl collar tux.
  • The trousers need to be high waist so that either a waist coat or a cummerbund can cover the waist fully.
  • The shirt that accompanies the tuxedo should always be plain white.
  • The collar of the shirt can be either a wing collared or a turndown collar. Wing collars are high starched with small points that thrust outward beneath the chin.
  • Finally the tie from which black tie takes its name should of course be black and the material should match the jacket lapel facing.
  • The Neck Tie for the black tie event can be chosen from various models such as butterfly, semi-butterfly, straight end or pointed. There are no hard and fast rules as to which is preferable. This one depends completely on the style and personality of the men.

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