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The paradox of choices is what makes one confused. This is true in many senses and applies to fashion too. When it comes to wearing a shirt with a tie, most often than not, one always ends up in making blunders due to overloaded choices. Nowadays wearing a shirt along with tie to workplace is the common phenomenon and in this matching the tie with the shirt is a task in itself. Colors and patterns can be difficult to master individually but when you start mixing them all together, all hell can break loose. With this we introduced the shirt and tie combo for easing the process of matching the shirt to the tie or vice-versa.

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When it comes to pairing shirt and tie it is often easier to pair contrasting color than it is complementary. For example, a light blue colored shirt along with burgundy tie while making sure that the contrasting hue should be red is one that everyman can pull off easily. The easier and the safest option are to combine a bold colored or patterned tie with a nice crisp white shirt. But where will be the fun to try and experiment, eventually creating some ready to go combinations on a daily basis. The tie is always going to be the first thing that people notice and therefore it is important to pay even the smallest of the thing the best of attention. By introducing the patterned shirts is where things become interesting. The standard rules regarding the color, size, pattern and the fabric still apply, but also make sure that whichever tie is considered should gel well with the shirt rather than trying to overcast the shirt. Stripes can work perfect with other strip so buying one strip shirt with a strip tie should not be much problem. But this too is not simple as the color and the fabric varies depending that of the shirt.

The concept of matching color of the shirt and tie can stump even the most stylish of the men. The shirt and tie combo are usually designed keeping in mind the color wheel basic. The tried and tested color matching offers the creative representation of every shade complementing and contrasting the color with the shirt. The shirt and tie combo also comes with similar color like picking one color of shirt and add tie of the neighboring color. Complementing colors are the hardest to pair as wearing them full strength can overkill and contrasting color will have three colors between them. This is the best way to combine the shirt and the tie while making sure that one of the hues is a darker tone so, for example, navy and red.

So to ease the process of matching tie to shirt or vice versa, Suitusa have come up with shirt and tie combo where you need not worry about the color, pattern or fabric used while reducing the time taken in matching the tie with the shirt at affordable prices.

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