The Royal Blue Blazer

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Generally, men prefer to keep fashion simple and crisp. Blazers for men are simple outfits to dress up. But blazers are often mistaken to be suit jackets or sport coats. But a blazer is completely different from suit jacket and a sport coat. Blazers are a versatile piece of outfit that can be worn irrespective of the matching color of the trousers. A blazer is independent clothing in men's wardrobe that goes well for any casual or semi-formal occasion. Informal occasions are graced well by men's blazers.

Men should consider investing in high-quality blazers which are a must have in every man's closet.

Why a Royal blue Blazer?

The color royal blue is now up coming in trend. It can be paired with multiple accessories and outfits present already in your wardrobe. Contrasting colored shirt, pants and shoes paired with a royal blue men's blazer complete an overall look for an evening party. The color makes you look smart, stylish and bright in appearance. Completely suitable for prom nights, evening parties and casual weddings, the royal blue blazer is gaining its numbers in the style quotient.

Royal blue blazers come in 2 button, three button and six button styles. All these are similar in cut and style characteristics. The royal blue blazers are designed in multiple fabrics and shades of royal blue. The most popular and commonly used fabric is the worsted wool. Royal blue men's blazers designed in wool with exclusive cut and finishing give a royal and sophisticated look to the overall outfit. Wool blazers generally look iconic and hold a preferred choice among men.

Royal Blue 1 Button Jacket

How to wear a Royal Blue Blazer?

Some men feel that the royal blue is a color too complicated to pair up the shirts and pants. But here is a guide you can look into to pair your royal blue blazer.

Shirt options for the royal blue blazer:
  • Choose shirts in light tone to look classic and, sharp and crisp. White and light blue are the best shirt color options for a royal blue blazer.
  • Polo neck t-shirts are the best choice if you are wearing the blazer for a casual event.
  • When winter is in, you can choose to pair your blazer with your sweater to spice up your look.

Trouser options for the Royal blue men's blazer:
  • Blue jeans are an all time in for men's blazers. Choose a shade lighter than the color of the royal blue blazer and you are all set with your pants.
  • Another excellent option is the classic chinos. They are completely informal and blend well with all types of men's accessories.
  • Simple regular fit trousers in contrasting shades are another simple option to consider for pants.

The simple the look the better it looks. Buy your royal blue blazer today from us at budget friendly prices. We sell all shades of royal blue men's blazers. Browse through our collection of royal blue blazers and find the best one that suits your choice.

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