White Linen Fabric Suit

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White Linen Suit

If you are wondering what is linen? And what sets it apart from other fabrics? Linen derived its name from the Latin plant named "Linum" which is actually spun from fibers from the flax plants. These flax plants are generally hand harvested and pass through several stages on their way up to becoming a perfect finished linen product.

A man's white linen suit is a classical piece that everyone should own. Wearing a white linen suit can radiate a sense of super casual cool, relaxed and confident attitude. White linen suit offer more versatile look than people generally think it to be. White linen suit provides different look depending on the shirt and tie it is paired with or at times you can go without a tie too. This will change your look from casual to smart at times.

When to wear a white linen suit?

While white linen suits are crisp and smart looking it is best to wear during summer. Linen's low thread count makes it both light weight and breathable when compared to wool or cotton and can be pulled off during formal summer occasion like a wedding. The white linen suit will be perfect for summer, but can you pull it out even during the fall? Given the versatility of the white linen suit you certainly can. There are few white linen suit's when blended with wool can make a strong fashion statement along with warmth as summer turns to fall.

Mix and Match

Another option to wear your white linen suit jacket is to pair up with a dark colored linen trouser. And if you at times do not fancy wearing your white linen suit then you can carry your white linen suit jacket along with a pair of smart denim jeans. A white linen suit jacket paired with dark denim jeans is an ideal outfit for a more casual occasion and strikes a balance between casual and smart look. You can also pull off your white linen coat with a pair of chinos or a light weight woolen trouser for a more formal look than pairing with denim.

Shoes to wear with white linen suit

Pairing proper matching shoes along with your white linen suit can be a daunting task because it can vary according to the occasion or personality that you wish to project. Pairing a white linen suit with a pair of loafers will be a good option during summer for more casual occasions as loafers will be light weight and can be worn without socks. For formal occasion you can pair your white linen suit with boat shoes. With shoes its best to play with neutral colors than going for eye ball catchy colors as this will allow to match with numerous occasions.

Care guide for white linen suit

Maintaining a white linen suit is lot easier than thought. Even though linen has low thread count compared to cotton or wool, it is quite robust and durable material. There is no need for dry cleaning as heavy chemicals can tear apart the thread from your white linen suit and can be washed at low temperature in the washing machine. If you want to have your white linen suit to be ironed than the beat time to have is while your suit is still damp to protect the fabric.

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