White Tuxedo Jacket With Black Lapel
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If you are considering getting dressed for important events in a tuxedo, then the white tuxedo is the best option you will ever choose. The most common choice from ages old fashion is the white tuxedo jacket that comes with a black lapel. Even though this has been a common design pattern, yet this is the most favorable choice of men. The colors black and white complement each other and hence the white tuxedo with black lapel combination comes out very well as an overall outfit.

Whether you are considering wearing the tuxedo for your own wedding or for your friend's wedding, the white tuxedo with black lapel is best to grace the occasion. Prom nights, important business events, special dinner parties are all occasions where you can wear your white with black lapelled tuxedo.

In order to add styling options and uniqueness to the white tuxedo, designers blend colors like golden in the black lapel borders to add a more stylish look. Fashion friendly outfits are best when experimented on. Men, who are willing to experiment on their looks by trying to wear multiple unique options, are the ones who actually stand out in a crowd. Wearing a white tuxedo with black lapel makes you feel confident and look stylish.

White tuxedo black lapel

Make a bold fashion statement when you wear a tuxedo, by choosing to wear a white tuxedo with a black lapel. When you consider a black lapelled white tuxedo jacket, you will notice a lot of stylizing options. You can either choose to have black buttons on the tuxedo jacket or go for white, completely depends on how much boldness you would want to add in your overall appearance. You can also choose the number of buttons on the tuxedo jacket based on your choice. Generally it is recommended to go for a single buttoned tuxedo jacket, as the button becomes the highlighting feature of the jacket. Same goes with the flap pockets too. You can choose to have a black colored flap or simply keep it blended in the shade of white as that of the jacket.

When it comes to accessories, you get a lot of options to choose in cuff links. As the tuxedo jacket color is white, you can choose to go for the contrasting colored cuff link of your choice. If you are strict about colors, then you can go for black cuff links that will blend with the lapels. When it comes to the tie, you can choose to wear a bow tie or a narrow long regular neck tie. Again the choice of the tie depends on the type of occasion you are dressing up for.

When confusion pops up your mind when getting dressed for special events, then simply consider wearing the simple,, sober and sophisticated white tuxedo with black lapel. Adding stylish accessories like tie, cuff links, and tuxedo dress shoes will complete your overall look. Buy tuxedos for men online at Suitusa. Browse exclusive collections of men's tuxedo suits, tuxedo shoes and much more at our online store.

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