Tuxedo Vs Suit

Tuxedo vs. suit is a formal conundrum which exists for almost years, but after reading this piece of writing you are sure to feel relieved and clear.


Tuxedos are more formal than suits

Tuxedos are formal evening attires worn at black tie events, whereas suits can be worn during any time of the day. The point of wearing a tuxedo isn't just to dress up and look great, but it requires a special occasion, listed below are some of the differences that make a tux a more formal choice of attire.

  • Color: Most classic tuxedos are made in black or midnight blue, on the other hand, a suit is available in a wide of versatile colors. However, it is worth to note that these days even tuxedos are available in a wide range of colors, hence make a clear choice.
  • Pockets: There are quite a few pocket stylings, while a flapped pocket on a suit adds fabric to the jacket giving an impression of less dressier and sleek; a jetted pocket in a tuxedo makes the attire more formal as a whole.
  • Pocket squares: When wearing a pocket square for a suit, you can widen your horizon and opt for a wide variety of colors, but as with a tuxedo, you need to stick to a classic plain white which will elevate your style without much ado.
  • Shoes: Well when it comes to shoes, there is no much difference, a formal well-polished shoe best goes with both tuxedos and suits.
  • Jacket lapel: While suit lapels are made from the same fabric as the jacket, be it a notched lapel or a peaked lapel style. Tuxedos are available in shawl or peaked lapel styling and the material is either in satin or a rougher weave grosgrain silk.
  • Shirt: In order to pull off the best look, suits are worn with a casual button-up dress shirt; on the other hand, a tuxedo is worn with solid white button-up shirts with studs.
  • Neck piece: While you can wear a tuxedo with bow ties, cummerbunds and waistcoats, suits can either be worn plainly or with bowties and ties.

Note: Fashion has evolved and these days tuxedos are to be had in several styles.

Suits are more flexible to wear and style when compared to tuxedos :

While suits are more flexible and easier to style, a tuxedo has a rigid form that's totally unbending. Hence you always have to stick to the basic rule when you are wearing it, but when it comes to suits, you have more option to dress up or dress down.

Price :

Be it a tuxedo or a suit, the price depends on several factors like the material, style preference, extra embellishments and so on. So based on these factors a tuxedo and suit are priced.

Now that you are aware of the differences between a tuxedo and a suit, next time when you are in need of one, make sure that you purchase the right one that best suits your look. We at Suitusa have a wide range of suits and tuxedos that is available to you in unparalleled style and the most amazing part about it is that, it is available at prices you would love to shop.

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