It may be quite depressing to find out that the pinstripe suits are no longer in charts as before. However it is still the preferable outfit if you want or think it as advantageous like to exert a little more influence at the work place. Trends suggest that the pinstripe suit is however losing some of its uptight banker connotations. Hence recently the suits are more preferably worn out of the office affairs. This is largely possibly because of the stylish, powerful image that it represents. If you are someone who wishes to imply a savvy, sartorial look, then pinstripe suits are the best choice to differentiate yourself from the one dimensional counterparts.

Pinstripe Suits
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How To Pull Off A Pinstripe Suit

Who can put on a Pinstripe Suit?

Pinstripe suits
It has to be noted that there are both upsides and downsides with the evolving pinstripe suit trends. Hence it becomes necessary to know how to pull off a pinstripe suit. Take the situation from the basic level, it can be seen that the pinstripe suit fits best for all guys. The main advantage is that it is capable of making a bold statement and hence becomes the obvious choice for the accomplished businessman. When it comes to the vertical patterns, however, the pinstripe suit should be considered from a micro level, namely individual body types. The pinstripe suits go well for both short and stocky guys as the stripes create an elongating effect. This is a reason why the tall and lanky guys preferably choose other options.


When to put on a Pinstripe Suit?

Pinstripe suits
There has been a professional stigma attached to the pinstripe suits that it is suitable for nine-to-five wear only. . This trend has been slowly going under the shades and makes it important to know how to pull off the suit. The evolving ways of life have made the suit an absolute choice for important meetings, essential sales calls and for high rollers and premieres. But there are indeed certain boundaries where the pinstripe reaches only till the middle of the road. It is neither considered as a casual wear nor an ultra formal wear. So it would be better avoiding the suit for club or any other black tie affair.


Ways to put on a Pinstripe Suit?

Brown pinstripe suit
As a part of its growing reputation, the multifaceted charm of the suit has some varying degrees of style. Three different looks can be easily achieved with a pinstripe suit. For getting a more refined look, you can pair it with a contrast collar, French cuffs and cuff links. These three elements paired with a pinstripe would exemplify truly stellar fashion. If you want a Modern look, then incorporate a spread collar with a thickly knotted tie; which gives the wearer a supplementary bold, striking look inbuilt in the suit. For a Sophisticated look, try wearing a tie that plays off the color of the actual stripe. The dynamic interplay adds a cohesive, complementary look for the overall appearance.

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