Black Tailcoat

Black TailcoatThe tailcoat is a coat with the front of the skirt cut away; the main reason behind this is to make the wearer feel comfortable while riding a horse. However, over the years, coats of different types were evolved into forms of formal dress for both evening and day. With an impactful historical significance, tailcoats are an attire of the royal circles. Later it was widespread and was used by people from all walks of life.


In general, they are referred to an all-embracing type of men's formal wear. Called by several other names like the swallowtail or claw hammer jacket, it's a man's formal morning or evening coat that may also be referred to as simply one's "tails." This name was achieved because of the two signifying tails that follow below the coat. The most distinguishing feature of this type of coat is its long skirt like coat divided at the back into tails and cut away in front. Ever since the inception of these jackets during the late 1700s to early 1800s, they remained in style for over a century and they constituted full evening dress for men. Kowtow to white tie dress codes, this jacket was not only worn during any formal occasions. This tailcoat is now regarded as one of the most refined and stylish pieces of clothing. Rarely worn during the 21st century, tailcoats may never fully go out of style because of their sophisticated elegance.

Military and Masonic use

Military use- A red tail coat with short tails was part of the infantry dress code of the British army from c.1790 until after the Crimean war. During the war of 1812, the Americans issued a similar type of uniform, to their men but it was dark blue in color. Later it was replaced by a shell jacket; however, it remained in service until 1833.

Masonic use- After a period of time, this attire was widespread and was also used by masons who used to wear it for meetings. Dress for Grand Lodge Officers at official functions and Installations featured:
  • Full Evening Dress (Tails)
  • Stiff white shirt and peak collar
  • White bow tie
  • White buttons or studs
  • Stiff white waistcoat
  • White gloves with Full Regalia

All members of the Grand Delegation were also asked to wear the same, but no gauntlets. Having said all that, this extremely stylish garment with exaggerated tails was observed occasionally in the early nineteenth century, and the use of embellished or a brocade fabric i.e., (a rich fabric woven with a raised pattern, typically with gold or silver thread) in coats was typically kept for upper class or occasions of state.

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