Black trench coatTrench coats have remained fashionable since the olden days giving the wearer businessman like respectability. Just like trench coats that are popular among men, these days trench coats are gaining popularity among women too. various fabrics are been used to build customised trench coats giving them a western casual look.

Trench coat is kind of raincoat made up of waterproof material which is lined with removable insulating sleeves. This is basically a double breasted garment and comes with ten front buttons and a self belt provided at the waist. During winter or rainy days trench coats are very useful and many people prefer black color because it does not become dirty very soon like white coats. Now-a-days trench coats come in six buttons and their lengths vary accordingly. Some are up to knees and some are elongated to calf and one can see these coats used in Sherlock Holmes and other detective stories.

The woolen fabric that is used in making these trench coats act as a shield preventing from bitter cold winds and keeps you warm. There are many pockets available in these trench coats which are closed by buttons and make sure there are not damaged during rainy days. Many dealers are selling duplicate fake trench coats and one need to be very careful in testing the quality of the fabric before purchasing them.

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