Red Double Breasted Blazer

If you are looking for bright colored blazers for men, then nothing can replace the bright and attractive look of a red men's blazer. When it comes to the color red, it is used as a mark for something serious, something related to danger or something that signals stop. But when it comes to clothing in red, you tend to get noticed in a crowd and look alluring and attractive. As red is a bright color, you can pair up the red blazer with other contrasting light colors too.

When it comes to the styling of the blazer, you can choose to go for the double breasted style red blazer for men. The double breasted style is the buttons on the front of the blazer jacket. Not all men prefer the double breasted style buttons on the blazer and hence this style is not as common as the single breasted style. If you are looking to dress different in bright colors and want to be the center of attraction for an event then a double breasted red blazer is a good option to choose. A deadly combination that can go with the red blazer for men is the black color for the dress shirt, the pant and the buttons too which will be in the double breasted style. Black color is dark and the red color is bright in appearance and hence the combination will make a deadly and stunning match for an overall classic look.

Red Double Breasted Blazer

Styling tips for the red double breasted blazers

As blazer is a stylish outfit, you can always consider to wear a round neck t-shirt for the blazer. And when it comes to a double breasted style blazer jacket, then the overall look of the blazer is highlighted only when the buttons are kept closed. A red double breasted blazer for men is suitable to be worn for award functions, wedding ceremonies, informal dinner parties, prom nights and so on. Based on whether you are pairing up the red double breasted blazer with a dress shirt or a t-shirt, you can make the overall look of the blazer as formal or informal. White is another color that will make the look of the red double breasted blazer sophisticated. But only white will not suit the overall look. You can add a touch of black lapels to the double breasted blazer so that you can add black buttons on the blazer jacket. It is always advisable to have matching colored buttons on a double breasted blazer as that of the color you are pairing up the blazer with.

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