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Bow tie and suspenders

bowties and suspenders

Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set Rust $75

Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set Pink $75

Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set brown color shade $75
Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set Soft Butter $75
Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set Liquid Jet Black $75
Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set Lilac Lavender $75
Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set turquoise ~ Light Blue Stage Party $75

Suspender, Tie, Bow Tie ~ Bowtie and Hanky Set Light Blue $75
bowties and suspenders

Bow ties are a commanding fashion statement that can transform your outfit from boring to quirky and confident. These days you’ll find men slipping it into their outfits for a variety of events, be it work, cocktail parties, or casual everyday wear. The main reason for this is because it gives a more elegant and classy look that will make them look the part. Ranging from classic, wide to straight and diamond point, you will find a variety of bowties and suspenders here at SuitUsa.

Bow tie sizing

Bow tie is a one size fits all approach, so with a little trial and error, an adjustable bow tie will fit an average or not so average man’s neck without much ado. With already marked measurements, the neck strap on a bow tie should either have an adaptable slider or press stud or holes like thing. In order to measure the length of your neck, start by laying a dress shirt with the neckline horizontal on a flat surface. With a tape measure, determine in inches all the way around the collar band, starting and ending at the middle collar button. This is your neck size. The average neck sizing would be 14.5 inches to 17.5 inches, according to your size, you will have to adjust and tie it to see how it feels. Remember it should be snug, but at the same time don’t go for a disturbingly tight fit.


Reclaim your masculinity with the old school accessory what we call as suspenders and keep the pants on. Not only it provides great support, but gives the ultimate style that men crave for. Styling them is pretty tricky even though they are as easy and conventional as they may look. There are two basic rules that you will have to keep in mind when you are slipping on suspenders.

  • No belt when wearing suspender
  • Pick your suspender by taking into consideration the occasion, outfit, body type, and personal look.

Not all suspenders are said to work for your attire, the one that goes well for office, might not go for a weekend casual look, or a night out. As far as the selection process is concerned, don’t be apprehensive to choose different colors, prints or even the ones that are made of different materials. As said afore, consider the occasion, style, outfit and see what the dress demands and then go for it.

Seeing that suspenders were worn with shirt in the past, you don’t have to give them the same approach. Considering that they were especially for formal occasions, currently, you can wear them with simple T-shirt, checkered shirt or any pullover you feel that it would best match.

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