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Pink suits

Only the modern men wear pink suits, is it so? From Gatsby to today's City boys, pink is the most masculine color that is - sensual and passionate without being too aggressive, the color is all about compassion. It is generally believed that, pink is a new form of red or orange.

Nobody can actually be of the same opinion on how pink got its feminine overtones. Some give comments that it didn’t start occurring until the 1950s America, when pink products were promoted towards baby girls. Apart from considering the feminine connotations, there is something striking about pink. May be that’s because imaginarily it is branded to have a soothing effect, on the other hand, the reason may be because the color is complimentary to most skin tones. Or perhaps because a man when decked up with pink exudes great self-confidence, yet is insightful. With that said, it could be as simple as the truth that it is one of the easy to coordinate colors. Amazingly, it goes well with all shades. This piece of writing will help you infuse this lovely color into your wardrobe.

Best time to wear pink suits

This may come as a surprise to you; the best time to wear your pink suit is spring and summer. Don’t fret! It goes without saying that you may be having a hard time visualizing this, but you can prefer cotton or seersucker. You can consider wearing it for a summer wedding party.

Pink color and celebrities

Taking over the pages of style magazines one can notice that celebrities keep experimenting with all shades of pink for their photo shoots. As aforesaid, traditionally, the color is regarded as feminine; however it is quickly becoming a genderless shade that can showcase sophistication, mystery and fun.

On the red carpet, male Korean actors and K-pop idols rock suits on a regular basis in magazine pictorials. As the crucial, long-established medium of richness and stylishness, suits have the royal touch of instant recognizable and flabbergasted power of making a person feel powerful, irrespective of the age group. Following are the popular actors who adorned themselves in pink suits:

  • Jin in W Korea December (2014) Issue
  • Jaejoong in BNT International December (2014) Issue
  • Kangin in Ceci February Issue
  • Taeyang in Vogue July (2014) Issue
  • Hong Jong Hyun For Jill Stuart Love Edition Accessory Collection

Experiment with the pink shades and this will breathe new life into suits, while offering more distinguished look. Not only that, they also make available a winning look.

Having said all that, being acquainted with the right color tie, belt, and trousers will look finest with a Men's pink suit that will help you pull off that best pink look. Contrary to the popular belief that, any pink attire is as much a staple in a man’s wardrobe as white attire. The key lies in choosing the right shade of pink. 

The very first thing to ponder on is to carefully decide on a pink shade which complements your skin tone. The main reason why people overlook pink color is because of its gaudiness. As a matter of fact, the right shade of pink can simply flare up the overall look.

If you still feel hesitated, then the best way to infuse the color of pink is to start it with pink dress shirts. With regards to classic men’s fashion, pink shirts are very popular in day-to-day life. The best part about a pink shirt is that it softens the dark shades of navy, charcoal gray and black, where a white shirt being such a stark contrast may leave your appearance a bit whey-faced. On the other hand, you can go with other small pink items like ties, t-shirts and scarf’s. A pink suit, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. By this means, you can get ahead to the suit level.

By now, you would have got an idea of what to look for in pinky attire and how to select the shades, now you should concentrate on buying the best pink suit.

In fact, an essay has been published in a popular magazine discussing about the semiotics and history of the pink color together with its relation to masculinity and American sport.

During the late nineties and early noughties, the question of "can real men wear pink?" was discussed seriously in newspapers, journals and magazines. It was stated that pink meant confidence and charisma.

Currently, men wear pink for reasons of Blatant and rampant pride. This feminine connoted color has finally gained the reputation of one of the most flattering colors that can be confidently worn by men today. Be it for it’s down to ethnicity, holiday or tanning salon, almost all shades of pink are said to look good on men, specifically some deep shades of pink are sure to look great. On the other hand, men with light skin tones should prefer delicate shades of pink to ensure it’s even more flattering than bright white, this is sure to give the effect of ‘bleaching’ pale skin. Remember that most of the pink wears are confined to shirts, and maybe the peculiar jumper, or a pair of summer trousers.

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