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With a wide range of fabrics, design, style and color, selecting the right mens suit can be truly intimidating. As the men’s suits are also expensive, it is prudent to bear in mind some useful tips to avoid making a wrong choice and wasting your money.

Guidelines for buying Mens Suit

The heartening fact is that due to the constantly increasing demand for men’s suits, several less known brands are taking cues from high fashion labels and making comparable suits at affordable prices. Here are some valuable tips offered by fashion professionals to make your selection process simpler:

Mens suits
  • When buying a suit, remember that the fitting is of paramount importance. Make sure it fits properly in the shoulders when you try it on, as any ill-fitting suit will make you look grotesque.
  • Make sure that the measurements of neck, shoulders, sleeves, chest, waist and inseam are absolutely perfect and there should be no compromise. If you are buying a ready-made suit from off the shelf, it is necessary to have your suit altered to correct measurements by an experienced and competent tailor.
  • If necessary, have the sleeves of your jacket shortened as the rule is they should end at the hinge of your wrist and your shirt cuff must peep out. The jacket should perfectly fit across your stomach. The traditional American cut suit with two buttons has remained trendy for many years – though now it is being replaced by suit jackets which are tight and have three and four buttons .
  • Have the measurements of the pants suitably altered as walking around with baggy pants will look monstrous and a tight-fitting pant cannot only be uncomfortable but may also give way any time causing embarrassment.
  • Again, however well tailored a suit may be, it will cease to be presentable unless it is made of the right fabric. Unless your wardrobe has multiple suits, it is wise to opt for worsted wool which includes gabardines and mid-weight corded wools. The acid test helps to confirm the quality of the fabric where the good fabric will spring back without wrinkling after it is firmly squeezed. Please know that worsted wools look dignified and are typically good during all seasons. Other fabrics that are commonly used for suits are microfiber, polyester and wool blends, silk and silk blends and linen.
  • Make sure that suit color blends well with your skin complexion. A mild gray suit should be your first choice followed by taupe and green shades. Beige is great in the spring and summer months and black is best for formal occasions. Those who seldom wear suits and need an all purpose suit may opt for navy blue , grey or black suit .
  • You must ensure that the hem on your trouser is impeccable as a pile of loose fabric at your ankle will make things sloppy. An ideally tailored pant should reach your shoes and then leave a slight break. Cuffed or not cuffed is one of your personal preference but bear in mind that absence of cuff will make you look taller and presence of cuffs will make you look better if you are already tall.
  • Check if the waistline of your trousers is comfortable by sticking two fingers into the waist while you're wearing them. As regards pleats, it is usually a question of personal preference. But on the general perception the pleats are better for those with protruding tummies and not meant for those who are thin.
  • Get some fashion tips from a fashion designer at the time of buying the suit to know which suit will go well with your personality and which is the ruling fashion at that point of time. There are many types of suits such as single breasted suit, double breasted suit , one button suit, two button suits etc.
  • It is critically important that you should be able to stretch and bend easily with your suit on. Make sure that you have free arms and elbow movements. To satisfy the fit, bring your arms out straight in front of you, and also try sitting in a chair and crouch as if you are working on a desk - you should feel thoroughly comfortable

To bring out the best features of Men’s suits , you should also consider buying appropriate matching accessories to enhance your overall personality. Products