White Top Hat

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White Top Hat

A hat is worn for covering the head for various reasons. It can be used during religious functions, ceremonial reasons, safety and mainly as a fashion accessory. In the past hat indicated the position or status in the society. There are wide ranges of hats used by people belonging to different profession in the society. In the military hat may denote nationality, rank or regiment. Some hats are worn for ceremonial purposes, some during graduation ceremonies and some hats are worn for religious functions.

One of the most popular hats used during the 18th century was top hats. A top hat also called “topper” is a tall, flat-crowned, broad-brimmed hat worn by men from the latter part of 18th to middle of the 20th century. The top hat became a rarity with the passage of time but it is still worn by people who occupy the highest position in the society. It is one of the most dominating hats in fashion. It is also known as beaver hats, a magician’s hat or it is sometimes called the stovepipe hat. This top hat was worn with morning dress or evening dress. Cartoon characters make use of these kinds of hats and were once made with felted beaver fur.

As of the early 21st century top hats in both white and black color was worn at some society events and also to attend ceremonies in the church and marriage ceremonies. The top hats made of white color were usually used by the upper class society and was also used by some social critics as a symbol of capitalism or the world of business. As time passed by even workmen started wearing them. In the late 19th century felted beaver fur was replaced by silk hatter’s plush. The top hat slowly developed from a fashion into a symbol of urban respectability.

Later on new designs were added to the existing designs and silk was replaced by wool felt and even soft wool was used to make it. Top hats can signify the greatness in a male. The stature of the male depends on the height of the top hat. The modern top hat is a hard black silk hat with fur. The other acceptable color is white a day time racing color, worn at the less formal occasions demanding a top hat, Royal Ascot or with a morning suit. A top hat colored red, white or blue is a part of the regular costume of Uncle Sam, symbol of the United States.

When it comes to answering the question, dress or hat which comes first, there are two answers-some says that outfit matters the most and some says that it is better to create or design your hat before choosing the outfit. This headwear is truly a fascinator and it had become more popular among people in the late 20th century. Decorating the top hat with other fittings adds beauty to the hats. With its sturdy silk or wool felt body it is a perfect accessory for women who really wants style to her outfit or men who want to just add style.

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