SuitUSA Metallic blazer The metallic blazers are the fashion trends that are taking the fashion world by storm.
Metallic blazer
Mens 3 Piece 4 Button 36 Inch Length Shark Skin Church Suit tan ~ beige with Stripe ~ Pinstripe three piece low priced fashion outfits $175
Jacket/Blazer 3 Button Vented Solid Black Wool $179
Men's Two Button Trimmed Two Tone Blazer/Suit/Tuxedo Peach $174
Men's 2 Button Burgundy ~ Maroon ~ Wine Color Blazer Sport Coat $139
2 Button Big and Tall Size blazer 56 to 80 Wool Suit Navy $225

Purple Two Button Notch Party Suit & Tuxedo & Blazer w/ Black Lapel $195

Red Classic Velvet Blazer $595

Mens Wool Sport Coat Dusk Blue Glen Plaid $125

metallic blazers The metallic blazers are the fashion trends that are taking the fashion world by storm. The subtle sparkle of the metallic blazer is sure to turn some heads. The glittery, shiny and reflective materials of the outfit, instantly smartens up your casual jean and T-shirt. Majority of items in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched with this simple, classic and versatile blazer. The flashy apparel is the perfect choice for those who dare to be different and want a truly stand out look.

Build a casual look:

The best part of the attire is that it offers unlimited pairing options. They work perfectly even with jeans, T-shirts and boots. The blazer ends a couple of inches below the waist and renders a casual vibe to the wearer. Always keep in mind that fit is king, so when buying metallic blazer opt for slim fit to avoid the hassle of re stitching. If you do not want to stretch your budget, it is wise to pair it with indigo jeans or other raw color jeans, instead of expensive suit trousers.

The glam look of the metallic blazer gets elevated when pairing it with neutral color trousers or jeans. The fabrics of the dazzling clothing are made from seer suck materials such as linen and light weight cottons. The stunning apparel is not too tight, so you can wear formal dress shirt underneath for more ravishing appearance. When pairing with dress shirt make sure that the cuff end at the point where the thumb and wrist meet. Also, ensure that there is enough space between the collar and neck.

Opt for perfect size:

The perfect size is the key for metallic blazers. The proper fit blazer should hug your shoulders and encourage you to hold yourself upright. For achieving streamlined appearance considering trouser’s size is also paramount. When it comes to trousers, it’s all about personal preference. The trousers that are hemmed longer than the usual add formal touch to the apparel. Make sure that the trousers sit perfectly on the waist line. The blazers with odd sleeve length look absurd. Thinned sleeves with shoulder padding enhance your elegant silhouette in a better way. The tailored metallic blazer with proper fit drapes better and give you a celebrity feel.

Embrace appealing color:

The appealing colors can tone down the over flashy appearance of the metallic blazer. The gold and silver are the common traditional colors; you can also try other subtle colors such as grey and navy, since it outlines and highlights the masculine features, and taste of the wearer. It is the color that brings glam look to the outfit. Beyond knowing the quality and material from which the attire is made, knowing your personal style is also very essential for choosing tasteful and suitable metallic blazers.

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