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The right etiquettes of wearing a 2 button suit

SuitUSA The right etiquettes of wearing a 2 button suit A 2 button suit and 3 Piece Suit Etiquette is a fine example of men's fashion clothing. This style of suit is a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing
The right etiquettes of wearing a 2 button suit

2 button suits A 2 button suits is a fine example of men's fashion clothing. This style of suit is a comfortable and stylish piece of clothing.

There are different types of suits. There are the two piece suit, the three piece suit, the single breasted suit, the double breasted suit and several other varieties. However, here we are considering the button aspect of the suits. Whether you are wearing a single button suit, a 2 button suit or a 3 button suit there are certain suit etiquettes that you would have to follow. The suit is all about etiquettes as the garment itself is a highly fashionable one. You will definitely have to make sure that you are not missing out the important etiquette considerations while wearing a suit. To help you out, presented here is a brief overview of the button etiquette especially those of the 2 button ones.

However, before you get to the etiquette part, you should be aware of a little bit of interesting history regarding the suit buttons. The story is that in the early period of 1900s, the King Edward VI of England started the fashion of keeping the last button of the suit undone. Why the king initiated the fashion trend is also an interesting story. Apparently, according to the legends, the king had grown so plump that he was not capable to close the last button of the jacket. Since the king was unable to do so, therefore not to insult the king, his courtiers too followed the fashion of unbuttoning the lower button. Since the King of England then had considerable power over the entire western world, soon this style spread over the whole of Europe and gradually to the rest of the world. Thus began the tradition of unbuttoning the lower button of the suit. This tradition continues even today.

Therefore, when you are dressing up in a 2 button suit for any occasion, the etiquette guides you that you fasten only the upper button below the lapels and let leave the lower button undone. This has evolved to a fine style with the course of time offering flexibility of movement to the wearer.

Apart from the etiquette factor, the 2 button suit is a fine example of men's fashion clothing. Generally, while speaking about 2 button suits, we are talking about the single breasted jackets, as the double breasted jackets always consist of more than 2 buttons to them. Wearing a double breasted suit jacket is actually much out of fashion trends nowadays, as the single breasted suit is the preferred selection for the current designers.

The usual rules for choosing a right suit equally applies to even while choosing a 2 button suit. You will have to check the various aspects of the suit before choosing the perfect suit for your body shape. Besides deciding the fabric of the suit, you will also have to check out the fitness of the jacket to your body shape. Special areas of consideration while choosing a suit includes checking out the shoulder region, the chest region and the wrist region. Besides, you will also have to decide on the cut of the suit. The width of the lapels and other finer details like the material of the button (brass or metals like gold and silver) should be carefully weighed upon before finally deciding on the right suit.

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