SuitUSA Tweed suit – A unique and smart formal outfit If you are looking for smart British and Scottish styled suits then consider tweed suit for your next wedding party.
Tweed suit

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Tweed suit
If you are looking for smart British and Scottish styled suits then consider tweed suit for your next wedding party.
When you are browsing through various online stores, you would find a wide array of suits to check out. While checking out, you must have come across the tweed suit. It is very important to verify each style in the market so that you do not repent later. No matter from where you shop, make sure you pick up the right set of clothes that suits your taste and personality. Check its fabric quality, lapels and jacket style to ensure proper comfort for both your body and eyes.
Browsing through the online stores would give you the opportunity to view suits of varying designs and styles. Whatever be your occasion, make sure you wear set of clothes that suits your style. Never compromise your comfort for others, but at the same it is very important to maintain a decent fashion as well. Always remember that over doing would spoil everything. If you are looking for bespoken features, cut and sizing then nothing could be better than a tweed suit. Till date whoever have bought it is still crazy about tweed’s style, cut, design and fittings. These comfort suits can be obtainable at affordable rates as well.
Such garments are very carefully measured such that whoever buys it would be simply keep on praising it. Each and every part of the tweed suit have its own individual style and cut. Be it the blazer, waistcoat, breek, trouser, overcoat or the jacket, every single piece has its special features. In order to get the best tweeds, all you need to be aware is the selected makers who design such smart outfits. Such set of clothes are made of linen or wool and are available as both business and groom suits.
When you are planning to get one such suit for you, choose to go for the made to order option. This choice would let you order your suit with properly mentioned lengths and waist fits. All these come under a standard price. If you want ‘made to measure service’, choose extra sizing options that are separately priced. Those of you are ordering the tweed suit online can make use of the sizing guide. This would help you to find out the exact size what you are having. If you are still confused about the sizing option, call up in the number or send an e-mail as mentioned on the site from where you would buy. It would be a wise option to choose from those stores that offers a fitting service at their premises.
You can choose your favorite tweeds from the store’s traditional collection. Either you can choose from British or Scottish tweed. Always look for the one that has 100% wool and quality fabric in it. Such suits are available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttoned front single vents, no vent or may be two vents. They either come in working or standard cuff, straight or slant pockets, bellow or patch pockets, action shoulder pleats and multiple trim options. In case of its trousers, you would find fly or zip front, fish tail or straight waistband, pleats or flat front, turnips or plain hem, etc.

If you are a passionate observer of fashion or simply loves the royal family in Britain then you would have known the increasing fascination towards the tweed suits especially in the British weddings. The tweed suits for a long time now was considered to be geeky and hippy or reserved for the countryside elite but they are trending now and it is time to know why. Tweed suits are a versatile garment that can be easily dressed up and down and this one of the reasons for its popularity. Tweed suits will be a statement piece and tweed in itself is a part of British culture. So if you are thinking of trying out the tweed suits style here are some tips that can help you in the process.

Italian Slim narrow Style Fitted Skinny Herringbone Tweed Suit with sheen Slate~Cobalt ~ Indigo
Pinstripe tone on tone Italian Slim narrow Style Fitted Skinny Herringbone Tweed Suit with sheen Slate~Cobalt ~ Indigo
tone on tone Italian Slim narrow Style Fitted Skinny Herringbone Tweed Suit with sheen Dark brown color shade
Peaky Blinders Style Reed Tweed Vested Suit - 3 Piece Suit For Men - Three piece suit
Tweed Herringbone Brown ~ Coffee Herringbone 2 Button Slim Fitted Tapered Vested Suit Ves
AC-724 Three Piece Vested Suit Mini Herringbone Tweed Gray
For people who don't know tweed is rough woolen fabric that is said to have originated in Scotland sometime in the 18th century. The Scotland land owners at that time sold or rented out their lands to the wealthy holiday makers and these places were of mountains and forests. To aid the hunting and shooting activities at these places the tweed fabric was created in colors that matched the landscape of the estate thus acting like a camouflage. This tradition was followed for a long time and in the 20th century the tweed was worn for every physical activity from cycling to climbing Mount Everest. The tweed suits trend is back now and here is everything that you need to know about it.

Tweed is definitely an unique material that is not like your usual wool suit. This is one of the reasons that most men avoid choosing tweed suits. The fear of the unknown. But tweed suits are surprisingly easy to style and still easier to look great in. So we are here to give you the pep talk and help you try out the tweed suits style. The key to rocking the tweed suits solely depends on styling it properly.

The first thing that you will have to keep in mind is the comfort. The tweed suit that you choose should be of high quality and great fit. Quality tweed suits will instantly make you look and feel great. Also since tweed is a heavy fabric it is best to go with slimmer fits of the garments.  Slim fit tweed suits are the ones that are most recommended. When styled right the slim fit tweed suits can make a man look taller and slimmer than they originally are. Skinny fit tweed suits fit the wearer like a second skin and best suited for tall and lean men. If you are looking for suit that you can wear to your office it is best to go with classic fit tweed suits. They are roomier than the skinny and slim fit ones and are best for wearing for a long time. Comfort should be the main thing that you focus on while selecting the fit since comfortable clothing will instantly make you look confident.

The color of the suit that you select should be an important choice since it is the detail that people notice on the first glance. The color of the tweed suit should be appropriate for the event that you are attending. For example if you are getting the suit for work purposes then you should go with darker shades like black tweed suits and charcoal gray tweed suits. The rough fabric when paired with muted shades will give you a classy elegant look that is hard to rival. Since tweed is a traditional material you can go with 3 piece tweed suits for formal look. Dark gray tweed suit with a vest or a cummerbund would be a great alternative for a groom who is already bored with the usual black tuxedos. Tweed suits are now being extensively used in weddings by the groom. Other than these you can go with olive green tweed suits and dark blue tweed suits. It is best to stick with dark tones of tweed suits as to conform to the traditional look of the garment.

As for the accessories that you pair with the tweed suits you have the option of matching them with the suit or go for a contrasting look. Our recommendation is to choose contrasting shoes and belts but not too flashy. Go with slightly darker shade of these accessories. As for the shirt go with a plain one for a safe choice. Another major question that men have is the events that are appropriate to wear tweed suits to. As we have mentioned before tweed suits are a versatile garment and you can wear them to different events instead of restricting it to one. For example the tweed suits will look good for a business meeting while at the same time you can also easily rock it for a night out with friends. For casual use you can lose the vest and go with 2 piece tweed suit look.

As for styling of tweed suits here are some ensembles that we thought were failproof. If you are getting your first tweed suit then it is best to go with a  navy tweed suit that has flecks of green and brown to it. You can pair this 3 piece tweed suit with a white plain shirt and black leather Oxfords for a formal look. For a more distinct look you can go with gray lambswool tweed suit. The texture of the tweed is more visible in this type and this can be a versatile style. This is one of the most famous tweed suits for the weddings.

Khaki green tweed suit without the traditional check pattern is the best choice for men who would like a sleek and modern style. You can easily wear this dark green tweed suit to your office. For a traditional look you can try out the light blue and yellow Harris Tweed suit for a perfect summer garment.

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