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Pink Fedora Hat Mens

Most of the men now have little to no qualms against pink and even have started incorporating into their daily outfits. The reservation of pink for women was not an ancient rule since for a long time in history the colors were unisex and the children were dressed in same styles for quite some time after their birth. Even for some time pink was considered to be a trend in mens fashion while men of status were wearing this color.

Now in modern times fortunately the stereotypes are disappearing and people have started accepting other peoples taste and fashion choices without ridiculing it. Pink for men is now considered to be a bold choice thus displaying their individuality. The major point now is to select the shades that work well with your skin tone and also with rest of the outfit that you are wearing.

For a long time in history men wore pink and was not seen as weird. Pink was a color that was close to red and hence seen as a strong color. Somewhere in the mid century people misunderstood some women preferring pink to all women liking pink and soon the barbies all came out donning hot pink outfits while the Action man had the contrasting fatigues. Since then the color was branded to the gender but have seen fluctuations in mens style over the years.

The key point here is to select a tone that works well with your skin tone. Picking a wrong shade of pink may make you look pale or dark and can work against the wearers complexion. If you have a pale complexion then it is better to go with stronger deeper tones. And if you are one with darker skin then go for lighter shades like pastel pink.

Now as for the hats, pink is a good color when it comes to casual styles. You can wear a pink formal hat with suits and jackets. You can go with the pink fedora hat while going for an all pink suit complete with a vest. This style looks great for casual and semi casual events like weddings and formal parties. Pink looks great with blue and hence if you are wearing a blue or a navy suit then you can wearing a pink fedora mens hat unless it is inappropriate to wear one. This pink fedora mens hat gives you a rich relaxed feel that is best for summer.

It is better to go with light shades of pink when it comes to pink fedora mens hat since the darker brighter shades attract too much attention to them thus shifting the focus from the outfit as a whole. If you are wearing the pink fedora mens hat with formal outfit for men like suits or jackets it is better to go with the formal style of pink hats like the Fedoras and Trilbys. You can also wear them with navy or blue suits when you wear them with light pink shirts thus making them look blended with the outfit.