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Ideal Suits for Black Men

There is no man hotter than African-American man in a suit. There are literally so many different types of suits- pinstripes, three-pieces, tuxedos, two-pieces, checkered, plaid suits etc. And all of them make black men shine.

All suits are available in a plethora of different sizes, colors and styles. Talking about wearing a suit to a formal or even informal event where you need to steal the show, unquestionably includes wearing a three-piece suit. It is meant to give you an extremely clean, professional and vintage look consisting of a blazer, waistcoat and trousers. An event that is professional or respected, like weddings, 5-star restaurant dinners, business meetings, proms etc., calls for a refined look that only a 3-piece suit could give. Just have to keep one thing in mind- it take the perfect fit to get this look right. A loose or too tight fit is never good enough. The 3-piece suit is a timeless elegant classic look that has never gone out of style. It is also especially ideal for groomsmen, homecoming etc. Fashion experts say that if you want to wear a 3 – piece suit to a wedding, or light-mood events like such, make sure you’re wearing lighter colors, (like beige, white, light gray, etc.)!

The classic suit consisting of a blazer, dress shirt and dress pants are obviously always there. This is a staple look for every man working in business sector across the world.

Then comes the pinstripe suit which is a fashion of suits that has a pattern of very thin stripes or parallel horizontal lines on the entire suit. Pinstripes were originally worn on only suit pants but it started being adopted on suit jackets in the 20th century America as well. Pinstripe suits are especially great if you want to give off a professional, serious vibe to yourself. They come in three piece, double-breasted, single-breasted variations.

Are pinstripe suits and three-pieces still in style? Quite obviously, yes they are. These suit-looks used to be associated with rigidity but these days, it has become more flexible and come into casual wear as well. The three-piece and pinstripe suit, however, still does remain a highly professional look. Wear a good suit to make a good impression is the unwritten law.

Tuxedo is yet another kind of suit that is almost exactly the same as a jacket\suit\blazer, but the only difference is that tuxedos have details in satin- satin buttons, satin lapels etc. The satin makes a part of the tux kind of shiny. A tuxedo is a man’s jacket or blazer for semiformal evening dress. Tuxedos usually come in black or navy blue colors, but obviously are available in other colors, like beige and tan as well. A tuxedo should be worn only during the evenings and is not a good choice for morning or afternoon events.

There are multiple ways to wear a suit for the black man. The biggest questions often asked are, ‘which colors will go with the black or dark brown skin tone?’, ‘what kind of suits are ideal for black or African-American men?’. The answer is, literally all colors and all kinds of suits can be worn by the black man and all men will look great in them. This is not 2009 when I’ll tell you that you should only wear a tux or three-piece to come off as cool. Three-pieces and pinstripes or plaid suits just do make an overall better and sophisticated impression than any other kind out there. And colors like blue, black, navy, beige, charcoal, gray are ideal colors to go for. However, in this modern day and age, things have changed and you can wear whatever you want to.

You can wear a classic brown three-piece, two-button suit with brown vest and brown trousers. Pair it with dark yellow striped dress shirt and button-down tie. If you want to give off a more vibrant, light yet sophisticated vibe with lighter colors, then go for an off-white slim-fit, 2-button suit. Pair it with brown or navy long-sleeved dress shirt and maybe add a white or pink tie to the look. Throw on a pair of leather shoes and good watch and this can be your perfect wedding\groomsman look. The same can be done with charcoal gray suits. The single-breasted white or black or gray button down church suit is also ideal for light-mood occasions.

Just remember to mix and match your colors in a way that complements each color present. Try wearing different shades of a same color. Like if you are going for gray then try out charcoal, black, white, bluish-gray as other color in your entire ensemble. Also try out suits and blazers that have a different colored lapel than the rest of the suit- they look freakishly cool and are in trend.

For a more edgy look, opt for a 2-button tan suit (made of wool if it is in winter) and a turtleneck underneath with tan dress pants.

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