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Matching a tie to a shirt or suit sometimes turns to be a fun task. A shirt is treated like a canvas. If you really want to boast your tie, put it on a clean shirt and wait for the response you get. Have you tried experimenting with maroon shirt and tie combination? If not try it today, because this is truly a unique blend for a man to portray his character. Matching colors of shirts and ties have been into style since decades and is still considered to be one of the best options. Always remember that there should be a good coordination of colors if you want to make a long-lasting impression on people’s mind.

If you are seeking for a perfect gentleman look, make sure you have the right shirt and tie combos in your wardrobe. Make sure the color and style blends with each other thereby giving rise to a new and tasteful mishmash. There are in fact several shirt and tie combos available in the market. But if you are searching for perfect and unique styling then you must follow the basic rules of balancing shirt and tie colors. Selecting the right color combination is not enough. You must also know whether it matches your personality and characteristics. See, what are the shades of colors that sail gracefully and smoothly in all occasions?

Maroon Shirt and Tie

Be it a cocktail party or a business meeting, the maroon shirt and tie would really fit well for the occasion. This combination in fact looks quite classy and elegant on men who have a bit fair complexion. The wearer can also sport this shirt without the tie, if at all he wants a complete casual look. The color itself has a unique advantage of its own. It will be best fitted with any contrasting shades of trousers. The combination can also be this way. While selecting the shade of the tie, ensure that at least the shade matches with your shirt or trouser. Whatever you do, never have three similar patterns, because it makes no sense.

With a solid color like maroon, make sure you wear a black or tan shade belt. Team up this entire outfit with black pair of boots to look smart and elegant. The best thing about a maroon shirt and tie is that it never poses any problem and it gives the wearer a tasteful trim image. There can also be a different combo of shirt and tie. You can team up your maroon shirt with the similar color tie but with white stripes on it. This pattern will definitely look great and will enhance your entire appearance. White dots against a backdrop of maroon or any other bold color will also look good on a necktie. These are considered to be some of the distinctive and fresh match for the wearer. It is always not necessary to wear a tie, but combinations like these will definitely look outstandingly good.

In order to get a perfect gentleman look, make sure every color combinations and style goes hand in hand.

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