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white tux with black lapelA white tux with black lapel can look really stylish and cool; most of the people would love to wear it because it has a bit of a vintage look. If you opt to wear one, you should pair it up with smart black trousers, not a whole white suit. The trend of wearing white tuxedo with black lapel has been bubbling under for years, since it renders a rich look that you don't get with any other apparel. The impressive outfit is made of white worsted wool, with lapels in black silk.

A well fitted white tux with black lapel enhances the masculinity of the modern men and makes them to stand out in a crowd. Even though, the black tuxedo is the norm for formal occasions, by wearing white tux with black lapel, you can be the eye catcher in any occasion.

Spotting quality white tux with black lapel:
When buying the white tux with black lapel, ensure that the black lapel is made from grosgrain silk, instead of satin or linen. It is the fabric that makes the men's wear more sophisticated and long lasting. The wool with mohair mix is ideal for white tux. The mohair brings an amazing luminescence effect to the clothing. The side vents are appropriate to get sleek and clean silhouette. Some part of your dress shirt is visible, if your centre vents blow open, so it is much recommended to choose side vents to avoid messy appearance.

The stylish black lapel:
There is wide range of choices for black lapel such as peak, shawl, notch etc. A notch lapel cannot be matched with black tie. If you're choosing notch lapel make sure that you wear your tuxedo without tie. The peak lapel outlines the physic and lends a well fitted "V" shape to the stylish men's white tuxedo. Thus, the entire look of the tux gets elevated with the elegant black peak lapel.

Employ appropriate waist coat:
The cummerbund can be banished by using proper waist coat. The waist coat adds different dimension to the traditional white tuxedo. The proper fit is the key for appropriate waist coat.

The Dress shirt:
The pleated dress shirt with turn down collar is an ideal choice for white tux with black lapel. Without restricting the arm movement, the cuff of the shirt properly rests on the knuckle.

Match suitable tie:
Tie is the factor that makes the outfit either look great or awkward. The tie should match with the material of the lapel. If the lapel is made from satin then the attire must be completed with the satin tie.

The skimmed pants with double braids are currently in the hot list. Always keep in mind that the stylish trousers complement the tuxedo, so choosing appropriate trousers is paramount. Suit USA has effectively indulged in styling modern men for the past few years. They are the good source of all kinds of professional attire, especially they are known for their quality white tux with black lapel. By wearing the outfit offered by suit USA, you can definitely be a show stealer.

If you are looking for black and white tuxedo they you have reached the right destination. Walmart does not have the tuxedo you are looking for. We at mensusa.com sell 1000s of varieties of tuxedos are different discounted pricing. Our black and white tuxedos comes with different combinations. Selecting the right combination is important. Here are few examples of known combinations

White tuxedo jacket with black lapel.
White tuxedo with black pants
Blue tuxedo with black lapel
White dinner jacket with black lapel.
Navy blue tux with black lapel
White tuxedo jacket with black trim
Navy blue suit with black lapel
Ivory tuxedo with black lapel
White suit with black trim
Ivory dinner jacket with black lapel

What do you think of the above combinations? Have you tried them out. It's time to give them a try. There are few gentlemen who like to have all these combinations. We are the right destination for them. Whether you want a white tuxedo jacket with a black trim or Ivory tuxedo with black trim you are in the right place. If you can't find any particular combination of tuxedo or suit. Contact SuitUSA we will arrange it for you.

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