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Go Feminine With A Women's Zoot Suit

Why should girls wear skirts all the time? It's time to suit up.

Women's Zoot suits bring a touch of feminism and vintage style. Women's wardrobe is also filled with branded shirts just like men. So it is easy to pull off a suit up look. A tailored-fit suit is one of the best additions to your closet. Enhance your staple with accessories to give a sharp look.

Women zoot suits

How to accessorize your outfit?

  • Grey Zoot suits for women look good when you wear on your date. Grey tones look great on any women as it is one of the best shades in color spectrum.
  • Suits in shades of Navy or dark charcoal never go wrong apart from the classic black and white.
  • Short sleeve silk sweaters will be yet another alternative when you want to pull off a casual look.
  • Blazers go well with a suit up look especially black and white, red
  • Silk jersey t-shirt can bring out the stylish tomboy look
  • Just like men, you can pair it this attire with a jacket to carry an elegant look.
  • A pair of stylish loafers is a good way to complete you suit-up look.
  • You can still look girly by wearing a silky tank top and metallic jewelry.
  • The oversized pants are trending everywhere when you complement your look with silver sandals.
  • Get a swanky white shirt which can be either printed or plain; it goes with any bold shade.
  • For interviews, prefer a square neck and pastel shaded suits. Lavender, pink are out of box colors and you can experiment it for a formal look.
  • Bags and shoes are the primary accessories; grab a blue or black leather bag and pair of black shoes. You can also be quite trendy by choosing a professional tote bag.
  • Burgundy is one of the daring shades in the spectrum and if you find a pair of shoes in that hue just don't miss it. It will be the best addition to your shoe collection.
  • Jewelry must be very conservative and not flashy! Wrist watch is must when you suit up.
This outfit can be worn for prom to complement your partner. You look fashionable in these designer suits as well as it has a formal touch. The Pachuca style can be revived with this staple. Ethnic women prefer this attire over all other costumes to portray themselves as an edge above others. This staple was introduced as a counterpart to pachuco. To bring out a distinctive style, it is worn along with a knee-length gabardine skirt and a sweater for a casual look. To stay formal, go for a Zoot suit with a jacket.

The fashion industry celebrates this outfit till date as they bring out an exquisite look which is on par with men's Zoot suit. The versatile quality of this attire makes it even more exciting and it's almost time to add the exclusive outfit to your wardrobe.

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