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3 piece suitMany people will choose a suit of color which is either the common black or the majestic white but for those who want to go for different trend setting suit, grey is considered to be the perfect choice for them. There are different shades of grey out of which, charcoal grey has gained its popularity among the professionals. Charcoal grey is a color found between black and grey and these types of suits are often seen in business meetings or any kind of formal meetings. A 3 piece suit consists of a vest, two-button jacket and a flat front trouser for a professional look. These suits are perfect for a wedding and it is recommended not only for groom but also for the groomsmen.

This suit looks fabulous and extremely flattering because it is neither too dark nor too light. One can wear the suit with or without vest as it is just an option but if one wears, it will look professional and gives a gentleman's look. Grey color suit is the latest style that has hit the fashion platform. People got bored of wearing the same old traditional black and white combination and so grey suits are opted. The best part of this suit is that it can be used in any type of weather and as it matches easily with any color, it can be paired with all types of accessories. It is also said that grey color creates a sense of calmness and the one who has this suit in his wardrobe is considered highly knowledgeable.

This suit is suggested for professional meetings and mainly for interviews because it gives great confidence to move forward in life. Pants are not pleated in this type because it may look a little traditional, so to make it trendy flat front pants are introduced. This suit comes with a notch lapel with sufficient number of side pockets and if needed ticket pockets can also be provided so that important items can be kept safely. The toughest challenge in finding an original grey suit still continues because as people prefer grey suits, many dealers sell fake grey suits which are of very low quality.

Grey pinstripe suits are also very famous and popular as they make a man stand out of a crowd by its uniqueness. When grey suit is paired with white shirt and red tie with glossy polished shoe, it gives an exclusive elegant look and makes one feel sophisticated and superior than the rest. Mensusa provides these types of suits which are of high quality for a reasonable rate and one can make safe and secure online transaction to purchase this grey suit and if it does not suit your size it can be returned or exchanged as well. Menusa works only for the satisfaction of the people and to provide them good quality of clothing.

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