SuitUSA Unique men blazers- The best way to show off your dapper side Men's blazers reflect your personality and show others that how sound you’re in trending fashion and style.
Unique men blazers
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Unique men blazers

Whether it is formal or casual events, modern blokes are always in confusion, what to wear? Since suits are too formal and sport coats are too sporty. To resolve your dilemma, we’ve came up with a brilliant solution. There is one sartorial piece of clothing that adds a stunning dash to your overall look by employing class and panache to your personal style effortlessly. Yes, it is the unique men blazers. This ethnic attire made its debut nearly two hundred years ago, adorning the English gent and regimented nay chap. From the runway to wardrobe, the nostalgic roots of blazers only look to deepen in past few years, but now these collections have become the norm for dressier events. There are misconceptions that this fashionable garment is an over coat kind of outer wear that grabs you a winter look, but it is not so. This sensational light weight staple is the stylish summer cover that goes well with almost all dress pants and dress shirts.

The classic American style:

The American style blazers are similar to suits jackets, but only few differences that set apart each other. Having two button closure and center vents, these styles stand out from the rest. Other remarkable features include notch lapel and flapped pockets. With a classic silhouette, the outfit made in this style makes you look more traditional.

The seductive English style:

Blazers modeled in English style are less boxy than its American counterparts. The cut used in this style mainly boasts the chest and shoulder portion, rendering a fabulous frame to your masculine physique. Featuring peak lapels and three buttons, this thoughtful English style blazer usually arrives with double breasted front.

Available in exclusive fit:

Boasting relaxed fit and non rigid shape, the unstructured blazers are the choice of those who prefer a versatile approach to incredible style. Lack of lining, multiple buttons, exposed seams and contrast coloring add depth to the exterior, flaunting a casual sense of sophistication.


Structured fit looks great for workplace, where you need to be well ordered and coordinated in style. No room for creative license here as it flatters high degree of professionalism than fashion. Structured blazers snug your body closely without appreciating skinny outlook, while the sharp cut of the chest and shoulder padding does a great job in retaining the invaluable shape.

Embossed with breathable fabrics:

Though unique men blazers on the fashion runway are styled in various cut and shapes, it is the fabric that keeps them distinct. Having a variety of options such as cotton, wool, polyester and linen, this worthy ensemble is suitable for all seasons.

Graceful patterns and colors:

For making your look visually appealing and adding color to your wardrobe, these unrivaled apparels are fabricated in brilliant colors and patterns. The formal colors that include navy, black, brown and grey make you dressy for formal events, whereas the informal tones such as washed out red and lime green help you raise your style bar, during casual events.

Men's blazers reflect your personality and show others that how sound you’re in trending fashion and style. Thus, adorning your wardrobe with a pair of this functional ensemble will leave you in enduring style for years to come.

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