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Banded collar shirts for men Men's dress shirt collar determines the garment’s level of formality and flatters the wearer’s distinct face. Men's banded collar shirts are the most formal and best attire to wear without a tie. The overall slimming down of Men's wear silhouette calls for banded collars. These wardrobe staples give you relaxed vibe and enhances your overall appearance. This sleek, light weight apparel is an excellent alternative to the traditional button-down shirts.

Currently, the clothing industries have been saturated with this high impact, style statement shirts due to its international appeal of style.

Exquisite features of Men's banded collar shirts:
Artful cuffs:
The cuffs of Men's banded collar shirts come in a variety of styles and patterns. The single button cuff is the most common type. Cuffs with two or three buttons are also available.

Sleek pockets:
The traditional left breast pocket adds an extra elegance to the banded collar shirts.

Gorgeous shirt placket:
The button holes are placed in the edge of the front left panel called placket. The placket of the Men's banded collar shirts is designed in such a way that it allow the attire to dress up or down effortlessly. This ravishing placket sharpens the formality of the dress shirt.

Perfect back panel:
The back panel of Men's banded collar shirts is pleated, so that the fabric may hang from the yoke (clothing piece covering the shoulder blades) and enhance the masculine features of men.

There are two types of pleats:

  • Box pleats- The box pleat design is constructed by using two pleats that are spaced one-and-half inches apart from the center.
  • Side pleats- side pleats lie halfway between each edge and the center of the back. The side pleats make the garment as an easy to wear attire.

Unique monograms:
The subtle feature of the banded collar shirt is that it can be monogrammed. The monograms on the edge of the breast pocket communicate the wearer’s personal style and attitude.

Wide range of colors:
The color of the clothing is the dominant factor, which decides one’s fashion sense. The banded collar shirts are available in a variety of seasonal colors.

Fabrics of the shirt:
The popular fabrics of the Men's banded collar shirts include cotton, silks and linens. The wicking qualities of the fabrics make the attire more comfortable.

Solid patterns:
The visually appealing bold patterns such as checks, stripes etc attribute the stunning effect of the Men's banded collar shirts.

What to be paired:
The appealing Men's banded collar shirts can be paired up with well tailored trousers or chinos for more casual silhouette. Whether or not you tuck it in, button to the top, roll your sleeves, it add ravishing appearance to the wearer, since, it can adapt itself to any kind of style and formality. The refined banded collar shirts are also teamed up with blazers and suits, in order to obtain off-duty look.

You can pair light weight Men's banded collar shirt with any outfit, it is nearly impossible to get wrong and it can be worn at anytime, anywhere. Products