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Black Mandarin Tuxedo $149

Off White Mandarin $175

Mandarin Collar Tuxedo $229

Black Mandarin Suit $149

Mandarin White Suit $189

Mandarin Collar Suit $120

Soft Fabric Suit $199

Full Length Collar $139

Exclusive Style Suits $249

Tuxedo Suit Light Weight $295

BANNED Collar Suit $199

mirage Mandarin Jacket $249

White Mirage Tuxedo $199

Mandarin COLLAR SUIT $149

Mirage Tuxedo Suit $499

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Mandarin collar Suit $395

Black collar Suit $149

Nehru Style Suit $149

Mirage Mandarin Tuxedo $239

Mandarin Collar suit $189

White Oriantal Suit $199

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Closer Style Jacket $49

Clergy Collar Shirt $49

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Long Sleeve Pants $125

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Banded Collar shirts $49

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Mandarin Collar Suit $300

Cadet Uniform Suit $149

Mens 2pc Suit $195

Fabric Suit Blue $199

Velvet Suit Grey $125

Velvet Suit Navy $125

Nehru Suit Black $199

Nehru suit Orange $199

Blue 8 Button Suit $149

Mandarin Burgundy Suit $149

Wine Mandarin Suit $149

Mandarin Collarless Black $65

Mandarin Collarless Black $65

Mandarin Collarless White $65

Mandarin Collarless Beige $65

Mandarin Collarless Black $65

Mandarin Collarless White $65

Mandarin Collarless Beige $65

Mandarin Collarless Gold $65

Mandarin Collarless Gold $65

Notch Lapel Black $65

Notch Lapel Mandarin $65

Red Mandarin Collarless $65

Nehru Collar Shirt $65

Black White Collar Shirt $65

Black Collar Shirt $65

Purple Collar Shirt $65

Nehru Collar Shirt $65

Cuff Mens Shirt $65

Nehru Collar Shirt $65

Microfiber Fashion Suit Black $249

Microfiber Fashion Suit Red $249

Leisure Suit Champagne $125

Mandarin Collar Maxi Suit $125

White Mandarin Nehru Tuxedo $149


Mandarin collar tuxedos may also be one of many church suits which we would like to put on as it is conventional and may feel very much comfy when worn. In recent times these Mandarin collar tuxedos are becoming the hot fashion as it can reflect a difference in personality of the wearer and are a special design than orthodox tux and suits that men are bound to wear usually. Mandarin tuxes give you that stylish, abundant and sophisticated look which is associated with gentlemanliness. Guys who want to try things with a different perspective that the regular ones will go for different sorts of suit collection and one of the most versatile categories of this sort are the Mandarin collar tuxedos.

These tuxedoes will have short and stumpy colour than stands firm without any regular looking lapels. Shirts that you wear along with a tux with this sort of collar needs to match it. You can go in for no collar shirts or slacks and go with a no tie look for a casual event. At Suit USA you can find a variety of styles and colour selection in this variety of tux. Just take a look at the listing we have below to find the right tux.