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Colored sport coats for men

Colored sport coats for men
3/4 Button Off White~Ivory Mens Dress Blazer with Metal Buttons in 7 Colors $125
Mens Cotton/Rayon 2 Button Sport Coat Notch Lapel Side Vents Yellow $89
Mens Cotton/Rayon 2 Button Purple Sport Coat Notch Lapel Side Vents $99
Cream ~ Ivory ~ Off White Genuine Lamb Skin Blazer Jacket $249
Mens Cotton/Rayon 2 Button Sport Coat Notch Lapel Side Vents Orange $139
Men's Fitted Premium Blazer Fuschia $139
Men's Fitted Premium lime mint Green Blazer $139
Mens Stylish Two Button Jacket Peach ~ Mango sport Coat / Blazer $125

Colored sport coats A sport coat is a traditional staple of Men's wear that instantly transforms your look for any occasion or season. The versatility of Men's sport coat lies in its fit, the placement of pockets, shoulder tailoring and button details. You can enhance your silhouette by updating your closet with sport coats in colors and in variety of patterns. Originally, the attire were worn as casual apparel for watching outdoor sports, with time, they came to be used on more formal occasions. The mens colored sports coats may also work exceptionally well with jeans, provided the texture of the two garments work together. The quality of the good sport coat depends on eight key features- color, weight, weave, interlining, pattern, cut, texture and fabrics.

Dress with the right weight:

There is a misconception that the sport coat should be light weight. The light weight attire looks too flimsy and wrinkle easily. If you’re not flexible with weight then you’ll have to make compromises in terms of looks and drape.

Consider the weave:

The weave of the fabric must be given paramount importance, since, tightly woven fabrics restrict the arm movements and airflow, whereas an open weave fabric makes you feel comfortable.

Look for texture:

The sport coat is a casual wear that helps you to look well dressed. The fabrics of the attire are intentionally woven with irregular thickness, in order to obtain textured knobs, which yield the clothing a cool distinct summer look. 60% linen and 40% cotton is the perfect combination, which lends beautiful texture and makes the outfit wrinkle free.

Go half lined:

The comfortable and decent fit can be achieved through half lining, where only the shoulders and sleeves are lined. The half lined garment keeps you refreshed.

Opt for proper interlining:

The interlining is the important attribute that keeps the Men's colored sport coat in shape. It has huge impact on breathability and enhancing your masculine look. The commonly used interlinings are:

The top quality attire employs canvas construction that combines both fused and sewn interlinings, in which the chest part has sewn interlining, whereas the bottom part of the front quarters are fused.

Style with bold pattern:

The transparency of the open weave fabric can be masked with stunning bold pattern that serves a functional as well as a stylish purpose. Some of the commonly used elegant patterns include checkers, seersucker, pinstripes, glen check etc.

Embrace strong colors:

For bold and ravishing appearance choose intense colors, rather traditional navy blue or grey. White, ivory, orange or yellow are the perfect choice for fashion forward men. The color is the factor which makes the coat unique and interesting.

Intricate cut details:

The patch or angled cut give the outfit more casual edge. The cut of the apparel is trim and slim with boutonniere loop. The Men's colored sport coats are perfect for handsome men, who want to be fashionable and chic without spending too much. The wide range of available styling options set it apart from other jackets and makes it as a unique style icon. Products