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Vintage Clothing
Shiny Sharkskin Double breasted Vested 3 Piece Black Lapeled Beige With Brown $175
Solid Color Fashion Zoot Suit in Charcoal Gray Fashion Long Jacket Mens Suit $189
Men's 3 Button High Fashion Wine Zoot Suit $189
Men's High Fashion Navy Zoot Suit $189
Luxurious Grey Zoot Suit $189
Shiny sharkskin Single Breasted Mens Suit Side-Vented Charcoal $189
Mens Designer 2-Button Shiny Burgundy ~ Maroon ~ Wine Color Sharkskin Suit $139
Men's 2 Button patterned Mini Weave Patterned Shiny Sharkskin Bijan ~ Gold Stage Party Suit $185

Vintage Suits are not just a work uniform. The modern style suit may be a staple among business men and fashion acolytes alike, but the retro suit however, has a unique cut that really highlights a person’s individual character.

These suits generally comprise of three pieces: the trousers, jacket, and vest.The suit collections can be found in many different patterns and colors, but are usually made up of the same two materials i.e. wool or polyester.

Vintage Suits

Sharkskin Suits:Vintage suits men
These suits were the best part of the 1960's fashion. It has certain shine that makes the attire much more attractive. These suits possess a unique quality that many newer suits do not.

Nowadays, getting this type of suit is really difficult. Almost 50 years is a long time for clothing to hold up well, even if you take care of it. Sharkskin suits can be seldom found at estate sales, consignment shops, specialty shops, yard sales, and online retailers. Purchase it immediately, if you happen to find one of these suits at a bargain.


1970's Style Suits:
1970's Style Suits1970's style suits were the suits which are manufactured using inexpensive polyester fabrics. These suits are the most widespread vintage suits in the market. This era's style of clothing is popular in all of its forms.

Though the styles of this generation are different, the underlying concepts still remain -Two and three button jackets with suitably tailored pants. Many vintage suit wearers put on the 3 piece version to completely differentiate their suit with the new age style suits. Broader lapels and slender stream lined waists are the major differences.

Colors usually range from traditional black , navy blue to anything you might find on the color spectrum. Bright and interesting colors were the zest for this era. Polyester suits made a huge display and conquered many of the clothing found in this era.


Disco Suits:Disco Suits
This suit was yet another creation of the 1970's. This type of suit included all sorts of patterns and colors including the brilliant orange to baby blue . Materials were often polyester and cuts were usually slim.Two buttons are the typical feature of this suit. Lapels were large and sometimes double than the usual sized lapels.

Accessories included anything from platform shoes to roller skates. Dress shirts were worn beneath with a few buttons undone and moreover they had obnoxious wide collars.


Zoot Suits:Zoot Suits
Zoot suit was another popular style but it didn’t quite make it. Wide lapels, high waists, and baggy trousers were the signature of this suit. This style of attire was popularized during the late 1930s and 1940s by Mexican-Americans, African Americans, and Italian Americans.

Though these suits appear to be more funny than classy, they are comfortable. Nowadays, hardly people wear these suits in the boardroom on any normal day. Often zoot suit is worn with pointy French-style shoes and felt hat that has a long feather.

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