> Super Light Weight 3 Button Suit $199


3 button suits are great for men who have medium to tall height as they will look smarter with them on. Suitusa has a wide range of collection under this category and to list a few of the we have, Navy Blue Pinstripe, 3 Button Italian Fabric suit, Pinstripe 3 Buttons Suit, Pinstripe Dress Suit, Virgin Wool Suits, Pinstripe Wool Suit, English 3 Button suits, Conservative Black Pinstripe suit, Double Vent suit, Pinstripe Premier Quality suit, Poly Rayon Nasa Fabric suit, Tesso Blue Italian Fabric, 140 Wool 3 Buttons suit, Platinum Double Vent suit, Designer Ultra Smoot suit are few of the variety we have in this category. Every single suit variety that we have listed in the category has a specialty of its own self and thus making these suits special and unique in its own way. Apart from the variety we have, these suits are all exclusively tailored by our Italian tailors and pass through a strict quality control system we have to make sure that we deliver top quality suits and mens wardrobe necessities. The price at which these suits are been sold are of great money saver for our customers as we are not just retailors but wholesale manufactures of majority of the products we sell here.