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Mens attire is a vast topic and the details involved are numerous. Mens fashion has its own history and the heritage involved is no joke. The tradition of the styles and the history is what rules the mens fashion industry even now. Therefore even in the recent times when the fashion is becoming more and more casual there are some occasions that still require you to dress up properly and the attire that is required of you is what makes you. Be it for job interviews, weddings, business meetings or any other formal gatherings you will need to dress up so that you maintain your elegance and class.

Now since the mens attire rules that we have now comes from the history it will be helpful to know the basics and importance of each era in mens fashion. We will start with the late 1800s when the men wore garments that are somewhat close to what we wear now. This was the time when the people were slowly coming out of the Victorian influence and the  appropriate attire required the men to wear tophats, frock coats, pocket watches and of course walking sticks.

Now stepping into a new century, in the start of the the 1900s most of the mens attire fashion garments were not that imaginative and stuck with being practical. The long, lean nature of the garments prevailed and this period can be characterized by tall and stiff collars in the coats. This was the time when the three piece suits gained prominence. The vests were worn in matching colors or contrasting colors depending on the taste. Trouser presses were introduced at this period and thus all the trousers of that period had cuffs and were creased in front and back.

1920s was the golden period of mens attire when the Americans had more money than ever after the start of the economy after war. Many types of military styles entered the mens fashion industry at that time and are still used now like trench coats and peacoats. Also Americans started travelling which meant that every time they return they bought a new nations fashion with them.

1930s was not very forgiving for mens attire and the Great Depression hit the country. While most Americans weren't able to afford buying new clothes, Hollywood became the saviour. People like observing the flamboyant styles of mens attire worn by their beloved actors and this in turn increased their interest in fashion.

With the end of the World War II, in the 1940s the mens attire soon started straying away from the elegant styles of the 30s. This was because of the fact that the price of custom tailored mens attire rose and people moved to mass produced garments. While this definitely brought down the price of the garments, the individuality of the people's mens attire style was lost and everyone started wearing similar type of clothes and style. The brands that started their business at this time flourished greatly and some even now have their businesses going. 1940s was the time when the clothing industry adopted many changes and the marketing strategies saw the rise. The industry by itself started introducing the trend cycle that is introducing new styles for different seasons and advertising it so that people buy more and thus in turn increasing the sales to a great degree than before when the people only purchased for necessity. Also this was the time in which the people's mentality had a great shift about purchasing. Till then people only purchased the mens attire considering the longevity of the material but the shift caused them to keep in style and thus requiring them to constantly purchase and reinvent themselves and thus longevity of the garments took a back seat. By most means 1940s was the turning point in the clothing industry and one that was the basis of the evolved one that we have one.

By the mid 1900s the mens attire industry had a great boom since the young men returning from the military wanted to fit in and thus the sale of ill fitting tweed jackets and such clothes saw the rise. Also the man made fabrics like rayon and nylon was introduced by this time and thus the cost fell to a great degree.

1960s were the time of unrest and rebellion and thus mens attire obviously shifted back to arguing about the importance of individuality and being unique. This reflected in the garments that they wore and thus the classic mens attire rules took a big hit. This was the time where the everything works attitude came into prevailance in mens attire and the older people seemed clothing advice from the younger.

There wasn't much difference about the 1970s and the hippie fashion of the mens attire prevailed. At this time the mens attire involved bell bottom jeans, tie dye shirts and military clothing. Also men started wearing three piece suits again and that too in colors which were never thought to be incorporated in men's attire before. Wilder colors and still more wilder patterns became the rage of this time and men didn't shy away from trying out different styles.

1980s were the time of power dressing and the mens attire took a more serious  turn. This is the most close style to the ones we have now. Businessmen were the idols at the time and thus the dressing came to expensive clothing and matching accessories so that they can dress up properly.

While the style of clothing prevailed in the 90s too the fit of mens attire became more baggy. Thus was also the time of teens going into tattoos and body piercings and thus to match the cool vibe the clothing also took the baggy turn and mind you even the suits.

Again at the start of the new millennium the mens clothing and mens attire took a new turn and this time a very good one. This was the time at which the slim fit became prevalent and the European cut became a famous one. Also the introduction of internet only enhanced the purchasing power and many blogs introduced people to refined style and to the attire which was conformed as appropriate for any of the event that matters.

We all know that we have a certain set of rules of mens attire when we dress for the most formal events like the black tie events and such. It may be easier to dress for these events since most of the invitations for these come with the dress code properly explained in them and therefore all that you will have to do is to read them and try to follow it accordingly and then you can go through the event unscathed. But what becomes a nightmare for most of the men is dressing in proper mens attire for the less formal events and also the casual ones at some times. Some of these events, for example take date nights or some family wedding the real problem starts there because there is no particular rulebook that says exactly how to dress. At these times you would be confused on what will be considered to be appropriate and worse still what is classified to be inappropriate.

Now we from now discuss some of the basic mens attire loosely that you can follow so that you will not need to panic at the last moment. The first thing that you will need to consider before starting to pick out the clothes is the nature of the event that you are attending. Now as said before there is a definite rulebook that states the appropriate way to dress for the most formal events like the black tie ones or others as such. But if the event is somewhat casual like for business parties then you will have to go with proper attire. For this business casual style you might not be needed to wear a suit but you cannot too much plunge into the casual side by wearing jeans. The key is to maintain the middle of the road look that is equally elegant and cool. While the dress shirt remains the same you can replace the suit jacket with a blazer or a sports coat. Now if the event that you attend is somewhat a serious gathering then you can go with blazer but if it more of a party type of gathering then a sports coat will do. The same goes for neckwear. You can wear ties if it is more formal than casual but otherwise you can ditch the tie. As for the pants it may be best to keep it formal in classic colors like navy, grey or black.

If you are going to a very important meeting the  you need to go in a business formal mens attire. This means going in a office appropriate notch lapel suit that is in a classic color like navy, black or charcoal. It may be best to keep everything elegant and proper and also avoid distractions like bold designs and patterns on the suit. Tie is a must and you can opt to go with subtle patterns on it.

Now shifting back to the party mode, the mens attire that you need while dressing to a fun party and evening events is the cocktail attire. This consists of a slim fit tailored suit which might be a little fancy than the ones adopted in the business formals. It may be best to keep the color to dark ones since these parties often take place in night times. You can incorporate subtle patterns into it and use some accessories to modernise your look.

Now focusing upon  one of the most frequent events that a man has to attend often in his lifetime. The weddings. Weddings in itself can be a confusing affair even more so in the evolving world. It isn't the same as it was before with the event now being held in different locations other than churches and also with different themes. If you are attending a traditional church wedding then you will most probably get a dress code for mens attire for the event with the invitation. The smart thing to do is to follow it properly and not to try out anything new because it isn't proper to steal the thunder at the couple's big day. If you do not get a dress code then you can contact and ask them or ask your fellow friends who are attending.

As for the appropriate mens attire, the setting of the wedding and the season at which it is taking place matters. If the wedding is a winter one and also set in a venue at the middle of the city then you can go with classic attire and in dark colors. But if the wedding is a summer one and better yet a beach wedding then you can go with casual mens attire like linen suits and in lighter tones. The lighter colored suits look great under natural light and obviously makes for good pictures.

Now if you are the groom then you can go with mens attire like tuxedos or suits. The preference depends on the wearer and his taste. Select the one that suits the setting of the wedding and it may also be a good choice to ask the opinions of your partner and your groomsmen. If the wedding is set in country side then you can go with brighter color suits with patterns  and also have your guests dressed in the same way for a more fun day. There are many more type of weddings like garden weddings, cocktail weddings, outdoor weddings, casual weddings and all you have to so is note it's type and dress in proper mens attire for it. Apart from the weddings there are many more events like the engagement party, date nights, garden parties, nightclub parties, golf gatherings where you will have to dress to impress in a appropriate way. Always guage the type of event and try to dress in mens attire according to that and also like mentioned before it may also do you good if you discuss the attire with a friend who is also attending the same event.