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Hollywood blockbuster film namely "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" that was released in the year 1966 instantly became a blockbuster hit and none in this world can forget the cowboy character that was played by Clint Eastwood along with other famous actors. Right from that time millions of men all over the world started wearing cowboy suits, pants, and boots and popularized these fancy attires. Even now, adult men all over the world are seen wearing Cowboy Boots along with matching dress materials with great interest.

Like all other leather shoes and loafers, even Cowboy Boots have an interesting history. Riding boots were the ones that were worn by millions of horse riders until the industrial age. Spanish men who lived during the 16th century started wearing cowboy accouterments and they were the ones who popularized cowboy apparel and boots to other parts of the world especially America. 

During 1860 cowboys were seen wearing wellington boot and after 1864-1884 decorative boots started flooding the market and most of them were an instant hit. The American style of boot gained popularity in states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Lottie Briscoe who was a famous figure during 1914 was seen wearing cowboy boots. 

A roper-style cowboy boot gained immense popularity everywhere since it has squared-off heel and rich designs. You will get that rugged and charismatic look when you wear roper-style boot along with long coats, dress pants, hats, and sunglasses. American boot manufacturers started manufacturing varieties of Cowboy Boots after 1960 and also go patent rights for their unique products. It is worth noting that roper-style shoes that come with varieties of embellishments and designs have not lost their market value to date. 

You can find Cowboy Boots that come with mirrored text embroidery displayed even now on online footwear shops and also in retail shops. Nocona and Stelzer were well-known brands in the USA in 1871. The popular boots sold now come with a wide snip, square, round and normal snip. Both men and women wear cowboy boots during horse riding and equestrian competitions. The first Duke of Wellington during the 1800s wore a distinctive boot that had the close resemblance of a cowboy boot. 

During those times it was popularly known as Wellington Duke. When it comes to cowboy boots there are five different styles such as ropers, classic western boots, stockman, western work, and buckaroo. A mysterious factor about this shoe is that there is no universal size and it varies from one manufacturer to another. You can also see fashion men wearing narrow toes boots that come in varieties of colors. 

In the country of the USA, there are certain states like Texas where men are permitted to wear cowboy boots inside the offices. You should think twice before buying the best cowboy shoes since it comes in varieties of sizes, colors, shapes, and patterns. If you have plans to buy these types of rustic shoes from the market then you should request a free trial before taking the next best decision.
Are there any differences between shoes and cowboy boots?

Yes, there are lots of differences between ordinary leather shoes and Cowboy Boots. It is worth noting that Cowboy Boots cover the ankles of the leg along with feet whereas ordinary shoes cover only the feet and do not cover the ankle. Boots are heavier than ordinary shoes sold in the market and they have expansive space that accommodates big feet with ease. Fishermen, skiing experts, hikers, mountaineers, and trekkers showcase interest in wearing colorful boots since they are built using sturdy materials.
Men who indulge in dangerous sports activities can protect their legs from injuries when they wear boots since they are much stronger than ordinary leather shoes. Even accessories that come along with boots differ in many ways. If you are planning to wear boots for special occasions or events then you have to use accessories like spats, boot jacks, and hooks. Adult men who involve in hazardous and arduous work usually cover their feet with boots since it acts as protective gloves.
If you are attending fancy dress competitions then you should buy trendy lengthy and sturdy boots and wear it during the event along with fancy dresses. Men who actively take part in wildlife explorations, safaris and research should carry a bunch of boots along with them and wear them properly before walking inside the forest zone.
How to select the best cowboy boots from online shops?

The popular raw materials used for manufacturing Cowboy Boots are ostrich, crocodile, cow, and deer leather. You have to understand your daily requirements before buying a handful of cowboy shoes.

Unlike before you can wear boots to weddings, proms, business meetings, and other formal functions and create a statement.
The main factors that you should take into account before buying Men's Black Original Michel Genuine Deer Leather Pull-on Roper Dress Cowboy Boots are listed below.

  • Handmade
  • Made from deer leather
  • Soft toe
  • Leather lining
  • Leather pull-on straps
  • 10" shaft
  • 1-1/16" heel

You should use size charts to select the right size. Do not hurry to your nearest footwear showroom and buy trendy Cowboy Boots without analyzing the pros and cons of it. If you are keen to buy some of the fastest-selling cowboy boots then listen to your conscious and not the mind. The critical factors that you should take into account are listed below

  • The reputation of the online footwear dealer

Reputation and brand awareness matters a lot when it comes to shopping. Never buy boots or shoes without exploring the reviews, ratings, and reputation of the seller. If you buy inferior quality shoes, then they will be of no use to you in the future. Reputed sellers usually offer the best discount and deal and encourage sellers in several ways. 

  • Business practices and standards

Sellers who have gained the best rapport follow best business standards and practices. Take a quick look at the profile and history before buying a few products from them. 

  • Inspect the raw materials and key features

Pricing of the boots differs from product to product. The cost price of cowboy shoes made from ordinary leather will be lower compared to products constructed from crocodile or deer leathers. You should also inspect the key features like the style of the lace, embellishments, designs, and so on before concluding.
The modern dresses that go well with boots

Cowboy Boots goes well with plenty of ultramodern dresses like jeans, suits, jackets, blazers, and overcoats. Women will look better when they wear designer cowboy shoes with country dresses like frocks and coverups. Men can wear it with the following dress materials.

Charcoal or other colorful jeans Brown color leather cowboy boots have gained worldwide popularity since it goes well with charcoal jeans and chinos. Match it with white cotton dress shirts and other ensembles that will project you in the spotlight. You can also wear brown, black and other colored jeans along with brown cowboy boots. 

  • Wear crewneck tees and tan suede cowboy boots

You will get that look of an ultramodern fashionista when you wear white crewneck tees, tan suede cowboy boots, and branded navy jeans. Do not forget to wear branded sunglasses and quality metallics along with cowboy boots.

  • Wear burgundy leather cowboy shoes with casual menswear

Burgundy cowboy shoes and navy jeans are categorized as the best combo. You will get that surprising and casual look when you wear black crew tees along with this combo. 

  • Multicolored long sleeve dress shirts with brown leather cowboy boots

Singers, musicians, and stage performers will get that smart and suave look when they wear a plaid multicolored long sleeve dress shirt and branded brown cowboy shoes. 

  • Biker jacket with tan suede cowboy boots

Bikers, racers, and others can inject a new style of fashion when they wear black biker jackets, khaki or brown corduroy jeans, and tan suede brown cowboy boots. You will automatically become the center of attraction when they wear these products

Cowboy shoes go well with a charcoal denim shirt, tan barn jackets, beige jeans, light blue jeans, and chinos.
Cowboy boots for tattooed men

Adult tattooed men can play with varieties of clothes when they wear branded and reliable cowboy boots. They can try some of the brands listed below.

Men's Cafe Bota Vaquera Hombre Piel Coco Panza Imitacion Dress Shoes

It is popular in the country of France and also in other parts of Europe. Men wearing tattoos on their chest and hand will look elegant and sexy when they wear café colored dress shoes that come with the following ingredients.

  • Bota Vaquera Hombre
  • Boot Cut Edge and Closure
  • Piel Coco Panza Imitacion
  • Horma: 3X
  • Color: Café

You can wear Men's cafe shoes for weddings and all other formal functions and grace the occasion professionally.
Men's Negro Bota Hombre Imitacion Ostrich Dress Shoes

Negro bota men's cowboy shoes are made from ostrich skin. It is a costly shoe that comes with the following designs and patterns on it.

  • Welt Construction
  • Bota Hombre
  • Boot Cut Edge and Closure
  • Color: Negro

Tattooed guys will get that sharp look when they wear these types of cowboy shoes for weddings and all other functions.
Are there unique colors in the cowboy shoe category?

White-colored cowboy shoes are unique and stylish products that will transform your look thoroughly. If you are buying white shoes then check the below-listed embellishments before taking the next step

  • Eel Skin J-Toe
  • Leather Saddle Vamp
  • Interior Leather Lining
  • Leather Insole
  • Leather Lining
  • Color: White

It goes well with white suits, jackets, tux, and blazers. You can wear this for weddings, proms, and all other functions.
Mens King Exotic Cowboy Style Full Vamp Leather Honey Dress Cowboy Boot

Honey-colored shoes is a rare and unique product that can accentuate your looks instantly. You should check whether the product comes with the following details.

  • Original Leather Boot - Smooth Finish
  • Wide Square Toe
  • Leather Sole, Welt Construction
  • Handcrafted in Mexico
  • Color: Honey

What are the critical advantages of using cowboy shoes?

If you are working in agricultural farmland or on the fertile cultivated land then you should take measures to buy and wear cowboy boots. You can walk comfortably on the agricultural land and complete your routine works. If you are staying in a village that has lots of rough terrains then cowboy boots will come as an eternal blessing. Horse riders can insert their feet comfortably inside the cowboy shoes and ride the horse hassle-free for hours.
The best shoes for big and tall guys

The big and tall guys who own functional dress shirts and formal dress pants will get that lovely feeling when they wear Cowboy Boots. They can wear cowboy boots for weddings, proms, offices and all other casual meetings.
What types of belts go well with cowboy boots?

You can wear designer leather belts that match properly with cowboy boots. If in case you are planning to wear a black designer belt along with dress shirts and pants then complement it with black cowboy boots. The general rule is the color of the belt should match with the boot color.
The best part is that you need not wear socks since boots cover the ankles thoroughly. Riding on the horse, taking part in the equestrian race, walking on the rough terrains, and plowing on the waterlogged farmland will be a great delight when you wear boots.
Even women and kids showcase interest in wearing boots along with fashion dress materials like jeans, jackets, coats, and suits. Stepping out of your home wearing cowboy shoes and luxurious dress materials will be fun.
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You have to polish the cowboy boots and remove dirt before wearing it since insects or other pests may hide inside these types of shoes.