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When it comes to footwear the dress shoes are the ones that are most preferred by men. But the dress shoes offer a formal and standard look which might give you a serious look when you wear it for casual events. For these type of events it would be better to stray away from the usual look and choose to try out something new like the Western boots. While going with these western boots you will have to make sure that you choose a high quality one. In this article we discuss the Los Altos boots and some of the best ways in which you can style the boots.

Los Altos boots have a great look and are of great quality making it one of the best choices for the footwear. When you go with the Los -Altos- boots then it would be sure to grab you some attention because of its innovative designs. Los- Altos -boots have worldwide recognition making it one of the most preferred brands in mens footwear business. There are a lot of styles in the boots and you can choose the one that would suit your style and your need the best.

Caiman Boot Before going into the style details of the boots it might be better to know the history of the Western boots and how the country style became to be one of the most prominent styles preferred by men of all age groups. The origin of the Western boots is ambiguous since there is no proper proof that suggests the start of the style. But most would agree to the idea that the Western boots style originated from the Kansas or Texas area though the details of the story might differ. Whichever the story be the Western boots are claimed to have come into use in the late 19th century. This was the time in the end of the civil war and the men who returned from the military started wearing the military boots for regular use. The military boots were also adopted by the cowboys in the area but they weren't the perfect fit for their lifestyle and work.

The military style boots weren't made from riding and driving the cattle across the country was the major work for the cowboys. The military boots cannot be worn along with the stirrups while riding and they were also not sturdy enough to weather through the hard trails filled with thorns, bushes and creeks. The cowboys decided that it was time to do something about the military boots and requested the shoemaker to make boots that fit and aided their lifestyle.

The resulting design was the Western boots with the upgraded details which aided the work of the cowboys. These style of the Western boots consisted of high shafts that protected the legs of the wearer from the snakes or thorns and other obstacles encountered during the ride. Also the Western boots came with a loose top making it easy for the rider to get out of it when the foot gets caught in the stirrup. The Western boots were also requested to come with pointed toes making it easy for the cowboys boots to slide into the stirrups. The slanted heel provision on the Western boots helps the wearer to hold on during the rough drives.

From there the design of the Western boots got refined and became more functional. The popularity of the Western boots also became prominent and the shoemakers at that time always made the shoes by hand. By the 1930s and 40s the Western boots became popular among the Hollywood celebrities which in turn made them preferred by the civilians. Over these years the trend of the Western boots have been in and out but the fascination of these boots have never completely ebbed away.

Short Boot When selecting the Western boots there are many details that you will have to note but the first thing that is important is the quality of the boots. The branded Western boots give you a quality look paired with the long lasting nature. Los -Altos- boots are great choices when you need the best regarding the quality and the durability. When it comes to the quality of the boots the material from which the boots are made matters the most.

The most preferred material for the boots is the cowskin. Cowskin is also the material that was first used by the cowboys and vaqueros from the time of the origin of the Western boots. Calfskin boots is one of the most popular styles in cowskin Los- Altos- boots. The popularity of the calfskin Los Altos shoes greatly depends on the durability and the flexibility of the material. The calfskin boots are more comfortable since they have a tighter hide when compared to the cowhides. The Los altos calfskin boots are also of softer skin making it more susceptible to scruffs and scratches. The calfskin boots have a great quality but you will have to maintain the boots after every use. It is best to clean the surface of the boots to remove the dust and then moisturise and polish it for long lasting use.

The horsehide boots are similar to the cowhide boots but they are most popular in the North America and Western Europe regions. The Los altos horsehide boots are tougher than the cowhide ones and are most preferred for the work that involves much physical labor. The horsehide leather is tough in design and is also elastic in nature making it preferable to coat baseballs and brown leather jackets. Because of their tough nature these boots are more durable and require less maintenance. All these positive qualities of the horsehide boots have made them more expensive in the recent times.

While the cowhide Los- Altos -boots are the ones that are most preferred they are also one of the most common styles that you will see on everybody. But when you need a more stylish and distinct look then you can choose to go with the exotic skin boots. These Los Altos exotic skin boots are more expensive when compared with the cowhide boots but have a unique look that will make your attire more presentable and rich. While these boots are great to look and wear they are mostly used to be worn with the formal outfits that is worn for the special events. Thus when you need a special pair of boots in your footwear collection then it would be a great choice to go with the authentic exotic skin boots.

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Alligator Los Altos boots are the most popular ones when it comes to exotic skin boots. They have a tough hide and to maintain the hardness of the boots they are connected by the soft membranes. The scales of the alligator Los- Altos- boots give the boots an unique and elegant look. The Los Altos alligator boots are mostly worn with the formal outfits when you dress for the special occasions like the weddings and other important events. These boots can last for several decades when maintained right. The alligator boots are the most expensive ones among all the exotic skin boots but is also the one that is most preferred.

The crocodile Los Altos boots are similar to the alligator boots but they are less expensive. But some domesticated alligators boots will be less in price than the crocodile boots. While they seem the same to the amateur eyes an expert can easily tell apart the both the boots by the design of the scales on the boots.

Ostrich Los Altos boots are one of the type of exotic shoes that are becoming more popular in the recent times. The ostrich boots are soft and comfortable to wear since the leather is soft. The ostrich boots are also easy to maintain when compared to the other exotic skin boots. When you need a rough style that is made for physical labor then you can go with the boots that are made from the leather obtained from the quills. But when you need a smooth style then you can go with these boots that are made from the leather that is got from the sides of the ostrich. The boots that are made from the legs come with scaly pattern making them preferred by the ones who like to try out stylish designs.

Stingray Boot Other than these styles you can also opt to go with the lizard Los Altos boots or the snakeskin boots. The lizard boots are similar in look as the alligator boots but have a longer shelf life than the latter ones. As for the snakeskin boots the characteristics differ based on the type of the snakes the skin is obtained from. The snakeskin boots are durable but will yellow with age. The snakeskin boots are most preferred by men who like to try out the stylish and more trendy looks.

While purchasing the exotic skin Los- Altos -boots it is best to check for the authenticity of the boots since there are a lot of fake ones in the market. The details on the boots makes them worthy of the money that you spend on the pair of boots. Paired with the right type of maintenance you can use the boots for a long time.

As for styling the boots you cannot wear the boots as a replacement to the dress shoes unless you are a resident of Texas or Kansas. You will have to wear the boots with confidence since they can be attention grabbing. It is best to style the boots with the casual garments when it comes to events like country music concerts and such. When you wear the boots it gives you a stylish look that will make you instantly dressed up. Also the rich and interesting history of the Western boots is another reason why you have to own atleast one pair of these boots.

Leather Boot The details like the heel, toe shape, shaft height and many others are the small things that build up the look of these boots. When you need an eye catching look then we would recommend you to go with the embroidered boots or the high heeled boots. Most of the authentic Western boots come with decorative designs on the high shaft of these boots. The intricate designs on the boots come with bright colors making them a great choice for people who like flashy looks.

When you need a more subtle style then you can go with the boots that come with shorter heels and shafts. Ankle length boots los Altos are the ones that are becoming most popular in the recent times. As for the toe shape go with the square toe los Altos boots when you need a stylish look while the round toe los -Altos -boots are more suited for the functionality rather than it's aesthetic. The snip boots are best for people who like to go with the middle ground.

The color of the los -Altos- boots is one of the most important things that you will have to note. The classic ones like the black boots and dark brown boots are most preferred since they can be worn with almost all colors of garments. But when you need a more stylish look then you can choose to go with unconventional light colored ones like bone boots, white boots, burgundy los -Altos- boots and blue boots.
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