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Dressing up is still a hard job for most men and shopping for it is no better. Now imagine having a small human and making dress choices for them too. Yes we know parenting is hard and shopping for these small humans is a tedious job in itself let alone dressing them up for aln event. Kids wear is a booming industry in recent times and this may be attributed to the fact that parents have started to spend more in dolling up their children. While the start may be exciting with all the tiny beautiful clothes on display and a lot to choose from problem starts when it comes to formal wear. While the casual clothes are mostly soft and also comes with distracted designs and prints the children are often drawn to it thus making your job of dressing them easy. But this is not the same case with formal wear. When you need to suit up a child or a boy of 4 to 6 years of age all hell comes loose and you will have to spend the whole day watching them so that they do not ditch their jackets in some actual ditch.

So when it comes to formal wear for boys like boys suits there are some tips that can make your job easier. And also if you are a young parent you may be still confused about the norms of dressing up your boy to these formal events like evening parties and weddings. This article is the guide to all that is needed to know while dressing up your toddler or your young boy to any formal events.

Now as for some history till about the start of the Early Modern period that is the 1500s children regardless of their gender were dressed the same till a certain age. Only by the age of seven or so the classification of clothes according to the gender was put into effect and the boys were initiated into wearing pants. This particular age was referred to the age of reason at that time and the pants were called breeches. This initiation marked the coming of age of the said boy. Also the color choice also remained unisex for that certain period of time mostly it being white. Mostly at the start the boys would wear short pants which later turned to trousers when they hit puberty.

This historic dressing of the young boys were done so that the onlookers could easily guess their age. Also the age seven was called the age of reason may be because they believed that the boys would start to develop a certain sense of their own style at that age. Though the boys at that time were not allowed much freedom when it comes to dressing we can definitely draw some inspiration from this old system. We should allow our children to develop their own sense of style while only lightly guiding them. Thus it may be better to take them along when you go shopping both for them and for yourselves.

The children is said to repeat whatever the adults they look up to does. There may be no one cooler than their dad for the boys at a small age so make sure that you set up a good example both in terms of character and fashion. If you are going for shopping for boys suits you can take your boy along and just explain to him the choices that you make. You can also just entertain his suggestions even though probably he will tell you to get a Spiderman or Iron man suit instead.

While many parents have started to introduce boys suits to their children at a very small age of 1 to 2 like for baptisms it is not necessary to put them in boys suits at that very young age be it any formal events. But if your toddler do not make a fuss about it and wears it coolly then there is nothing to worry than to immediately grab a camera and get some cute photos of the boy in the boys suits. When your boy reaches a stage where he starts to walk without any support then it is the perfect time to introduce boys suits to him.

Dressing up your boy in a full boys suits may not be that easy a job as you think. Fully used to wearing soft casual clothes the new rather not so soft material of the boys suits may not go well with him at first. This is why you will have to take him along when shopping for the said boys suits. Make sure that you make him to try it on and get his feedback. If he feels uncomfortable then it may be better to opt for other soft fabrics like wool which you can make him get through the day with. Also keep in mind the season at which the event is going to take place. If it is in winter you can go with woolen boys suits but make sure to get the right fabric when it comes to summer. It is well known fact which can be attested by many parents that children do not do well with sweat. You may take your child all dolled up for the summer wedding but at the end of the day he may come back missing one or two components like jackets and ties.

The fit of the boys suits that you choose for the child also greatly matters. While we adults may consider our hard earned money spent unknowingly on the ill fitting boys suits and try to get on with it, that will definitely not be the case with your boy especially the smaller ones in the age group of 2 to 10. You will have to spend your day hearing their constant whining and sometimes would flat out refuse to wear the boys suits. So the main thing you will have to consider while dressing up your boy in formal boys suits is the comfort. Make sure that he feels comfortable wearing the outfit. Now if he refuses to wear the picked outfit simply because he does not like it then try to add some favorite parts into the outfit like his favorite t-shirt or his favorite pair of shoes. A slight slip like these will not be much noted and also the fact that these small men look gorgeous and cute in anything that they wear helps to a great extent.

One of the most frequent event they would require of your boy to be dressed in a boys suits is the weddings. These are the events that offers an opportunity to dress up your child like a grown up. The basic point in dressing up your boy for a wedding is the elegance so that he stands out among the crowd.

Now the first thing is always opt for formal boys suits. We say this because there are some parents who would dress up their child in casual clothes for weddings. While this may be good and understandable choice for toddlers and very young children for a little grown up boys it may be best to go with boys suits. If your boy can handle it, you can opt for three piece boys suits which isa elegant pick for weddings. Also if the wedding is in winter or fall they offer extra warmth and comfort to your boy while still looking chic. You can also go with no jacket look depending on the nature of the wedding. As for the colors of the boys suits select the ones that are currently in trend such as indigo colored ones paired with pastel colored shirts. Also remember that they are young and hence do not restrict the color choice to monochromatic ones like the ones you choose for yourself. Try out different shades of boys suits ( only after consulting your boy) since they mostly look good in brighter colors too.

If the climate is too hot you can modify his boys suits according to the need. For summer you can go with shorts or knee length pants. You can also ditch the jackets and go with long sleeved dress shirts with suspenders kind of look. If the setting of the wedding is still more casual you can skip the suspenders and also leave the top button of the shirt unbuttoned. A open boys suit vest is a good summer look that has a retro vibe to it. As for the colors of the shorts nor pants it may be best to stick with lighter colors like ivory, light grey, sand or navy blue.

As said before the key point for dressing up your little one in formal clothes like boys suits is the comfort. Make sure that you select soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Only if the climate is extremely cold bundle him up in thick fabrics. Also remember to keep in mind whether it is a outdoor or indoor wedding.

Be smart in choosing the boys suits thus leaving ample amount of movement for your child. Tight fitting clothes will sure make him uncomfortable and can result in him throwing a fit. If you are thinking of cold and layering him too much it can be hard when he goes for potty training. As for shoes you can forgo the dress shoes and stick with simple pair of   leather tennis shoes so that they can comfortably run around without worrying about pain or blisters.

Accessories are a great way to get your child interested in dressing up in boys suits. It adds a finishing touch to the outfit and also helps add style to an otherwise normal outfit. Now you can involve your boy in selecting these small accessories so that he feels included while dressing for the event. For example you can allow him to select the bow tie or pocket squares of his choice. If you are going to add small trinkets into the mix it would also help a great deal. Bow ties are always better than neck ties when it comes to boys suits since they tend to get less in the way while playing and especially eating. As for the color of the bow ties you can go with formal ones like grey, beige and navy blue. But if it is an outdoor wedding then you can opt for brighter ones like red, coral and blue since they look great on the small ones. If your boy is to be the page boy it is a common practice to dress the page boys in mini tux. But if you are not too thrilled with the idea then you can go with simple satin or velvet   that could be more comfortable than a tuxedo. Some tend to dress the page boys or ring bearer in the mini version of the grooms suit. Some do not favor the idea and in these cases simply opt for dark boys suits with white t-shirt. While the tradition of dressing them up as sailor of soldier is still very popular, remember that they only work for very young boys. Now if you are deciding to have a page boy it may be best to ask him beforehand and get his acceptance. Some may flat out refuse especially the ones in 10 to 13 age groups since they be more into exploring than to be tied up in the ceremony. It may be even best to have a trial run with them for safety. Now as for shopping for these boys suits you will have to consider the time of the event. It may be best if you purchase the boys suits at about two to three months prior to the event especially for boys who can undergo growth spurts. Many stores may not house variety of these boys suits but the recent technology has made everything possible with just a click. Our online stores have a wide range of varieties when it comes to boys suits and all you have to do is to get the correct measurements, compare it with the size chart and then make your order.