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Mens suits have been in the fashion for a long time now. When we say a long time we are talking about centuries through which the garment has managed to stay in style. But the thing with the mens suits is that the basic structure of the suits has stayed the same all through these years. But with time the small details on the suits have changed. Thus we have a lot of styles to draw inspiration from when it comes up mens suits. Time to time we see the old styles making a comeback. One such style that has made a comeback in the recent times is the mens suit vest.

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For people who don't know, mens suit vest is a sleeveless garment that can be worn buttoned down in the front. They are widely known as vest in the United States while the United Kingdom they are known as waistcoat. Mens suit vest is a style that was in the backseat for quite some years. But in the recent times there are an increasing number of men who has started sporting this style in their daily wear. What is fascinating the most is that while the mens suit vest went out of style and was considered to be an old man's style, the comeback of the mens suit vest is surprisingly focused on the younger generation. If you are a person who likes to observe or simply live near a college you can see a lot of students sporting this suit vest style. Other than that some of the Hollywoods most famous fashion icons like Ryan Reynolds have taken a liking to this style. Thus it is clear that the mens suit vest is making a comeback and therefore we should be prepared for it. In this article we are going to learn about the mens suit vest style and the basics of it so that you can style it right when the need arises.

3 Piece Vested brown color shade Long length Zoot Suit For sale ~ Pachuco Mens Suit Perfect for Wedding Before we go into the styling details of the mens suit vest it may be a good choice to learn some of the history involved with the garment. The mens suit vest is said to have originated as early as the 17th century when the king at that time issued a royal degree that required the people in his court to wear a vest. At that time people were usually into extravagant clothing that involved intricate designs and high quality clothes. The king at that time wanted to distance himself and the members of his court from this type of dressing and wanted to go with simple designs. He considered the vest as one of the best choices to implicate this. This vest fashion was inspired from the Persian travelers. The weather at Persia was known to be hot and hence did not allow for the people to wear full jackets. So the people instead resorted to wearing sleeveless jackets that provided them protection against the elements but also kept them relatively cool. At those times most of the garments especially the coats in Britain were always fit long and the vest which ended by the waist was considered to be an innovation. This curiosity soon aided the popularity of the mens suit vest.

While the king introduced this mens suit vest style so that his court people would stay away from the flamboyant lifestyle that is not which happened. The court people soon found a way to incorporate their flashy designs and decorations in the vest itself this making the mens suit vest a thing of color and style. Thus the mens suit vest at that time were of bright colors and intricate designs that showed off the wealth in possession of the wearer.

With time the fashion changed and by the mid 19th century the mens suit vest had already become a simple garment which was considered to be a work attire. Mens suit vest and pants with jackets were the common daily attire of the men at that time. This was the business dress at that time and thus the design of the mens suit vest became rather simple and sober. Neutral colors were used and hence the ones like  mens gray suit vest and  mens khaki suit vest became most preferred. While in the earlier times the mens suit vest color usually did not match with the rest of the outfit that the people wore but in the 19th century the three piece suit fashion was firmly in and therefore people wore mens suit vest in colors that matched with the rest of the outfit. Also mens suit vest at this time was considered to be a staple piece of the outfit and hence stepping out without wearing one was looked down.

Stylish 3 Piece Vested Unique Exclusive Fashion Suit For sale ~ Pachuco Mens Suit Perfect for Wedding Navy This continued for quite some time and the people at that time were also known to wear the mens suit vest indoors too. The heating systems at that time were not very advanced and people had to fight off the cold even when they were at their home. Therefore the extra layer of the mens suit vest provided for warmth and hence they wore this garment indoors too. Mens wool suit vest is the one that was most preferred at that time. But when the war started out the rationing of the raw materials took place and hence the wool for the garments became scarce. Wearing extra garments were considered to be unpatriotic and hence the usage of mens suit vest reduced a great deal at this time. After the war was over the mens suit vest came back in style but not to the degree that it was before. Since then the trend of mens suit vest has been in and out of style for a long time.

Now coming back to the modern times, the three piece suit look complete with the mens suit vest is considered to be one of the most standard formal styles. But the mens suit vest style have started to be incorporated even in the casual styles which is a new twist for the garment. So having one or more mens suit vest in your wardrobe can upgrade your style to a great degree and thus make you trend relevant. Now if you are thinking of getting a mens suit vest then you need to know the basics of the styles available in it.

High Fashion 3 Piece Vested Navy Long length Zoot Suit For sale ~ Pachuco Mens Suit Perfect for Wedding The first thing in the style of the mens suit vest is to select whether you are going for single breasted style or the double breasted style. When you are getting your mens suit vest for formal use like for office settings and such it might be a better choice for you to go with mens double breasted suit vest. They have a serious look to them which will make you look authoritative. On the other hand  mens single breasted suit vest is a more versatile style when compared to the former. You can easily style the single breasted mens suit vest with almost any outfit be it formal or causal. Hence if you are getting your first mens suit vest then it might be better to go with single breasted style of mens suit vest.

The next thing that you will have to consider while selecting the mens suit vest is the fabric from which the garment is made from. The most preferred choice is to go with mens wool suit vest since it is the most formal option. You can wear this to your regular office day. The advantage with the mens suit vest is that even when you remove the jacket you can still look dressed up when wearing the vest. If you aren't comfortable with the wool vest especially in the summer then you can go with mens linen suit vest. Linen is an extremely breathable material and is one of the vest options when it comes to summer wear. This look is a standard choice for the outdoor weddings and beach weddings. Mens tweed suit vest is a good choice when you use the mens suit vest as an extra layer for warmth. These are all the formal options of mens suit vest. But when it comes to selecting mens suit vest for casual events then you can go with styles like mens denim suit vest and mens leather suit vest. These unconventional styles can give you a stylish look and can make you stand out from the crowd.

As for the color of the mens suit vest when you buy it as a part of three piece suit then they come in colors that is same as that of the suit. But if you are getting mens suit vest separately then you need to consider the color of the suit vest properly before making the choice. The thing that you will have to keep in mind while selecting the color of the mens suit vest is the colors that are most prevalent in your wardrobe. Mens suit vest is not a separate style and you will have to always wear them paired with other garments. Therefore consider the prevalent colors in your wardrobe and then select the color of mens suit vest that would go with most of the colors. For example standard colors like mens dark gray suit vest and  mens blue suit vest can be paired with almost any outfits. Mens suit vest black is also a good pick when you are looking for a versatile choice. Also you can go with darker color of mens suit vest for formal styles. The dark colors look great when the mens suit vest with dress pants is the style that you are going for. Also the darker styles of the mens suit vest is the ones that you can wear all through the year. If you are going for semi formal and casual options then you can go with lighter colors of the mens suit vest. Mens light gray suit vest and mens ivory suit vest are some of the styles that you can try. These lighter colored suit vests and the brighter colored ones are the choices that are best for the casual events and the events that happen in the warmer months. When you wear brighter colored mens suit vests like mens orange suit vest and mens suit vest purple in the winter they tend to pop out too much. Instead you can go with these options and others like mens yellow suit vest and mens khaki suit vest when you are shopping for mens suit vest wedding. Also apart from the solid mens suit vests you can also go with the option of patterned suit vests. If you are getting the mens suit vests for formal use then you can go with subtle ones like  mens striped suit vest and  mens plaid suit vest. But if you are going for a causal style of mens suit vest with jeans look that you can wear to fun events then you can go with options like mens herringbone suit vest and for semi formal look go with  mens paisley suit vest and  mens floral suit vest. For semi formal events where you can dress up you can go with flashier options like  mens velvet suit vest and  mens silk suit vest. These mens suit vests have a sheen about them that will make you look classy and stylish at the same time. You can also go with two tone mens suit vest if you don't mind being the center of attention in an event.

As for the fit of the mens suit vest it should be a close fitting one that gently hugs the body of the wearer. The mens suit vests are usually worn with the last button unbuttoned to allow for the free movement in the hips and leg portion. There are a lot of mens suit vest fashion to choose from and you can look through the wide options in mens suit vest sale in the online sites.