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Prom is one of the most remembered events when it comes to any man. Though it may sound silly at that time the memory of the fun night can live on for ages. So it is important to select your outfit in such a way that you get the best pictures to boast to your children. If you have already asked out your crush to the date all you have left is to select your outfit for the day. So get on to the shopping train and try to sort out the styles that would look best on you and also in which you will feel comfortable in.

When it comes to prom there is two main choices of outfit to choose from - tuxedos or suits. Now whether your choice be tuxedos or suits you will need to get a pair of dress shoes to wear with either of them. You should never make the mistake of going to the prom in sneakers. Shoes are one of the first things that a stranger will note up on you and thus it is important to style it perfectly. Also another thing for which you will have to wear good shoes is that prom involves dancing and for dancing you will have to be in good shoes. There are a lot of options in dress shoes to choose from and the main thing that you will have to note is the fit of the shoe. If your pair of shoes have perfect aesthetic but doesn't fit well then it may be time to get a new pair of shoes that fit you comfortably. Now in this article we are going to discuss about some of the best dress shoe styles in the market and you can select one that will suit your taste and outfit for the night.

The first type of dress shoes that are most common and incredibly popular is the Oxfords. They are the most common ones and chances are more that you already have one in this type. They are the standard go to dress shoes when it comes to office use, or for any formal events like interview or date nights. They would make to be the perfect dress shoes for your prom night because of the fact that you are already comfortable with the style. Also since it is common the price involved also is not very high and is also available easily, sold at every stores and retailers. The main feature the distinguishes this style from others is the laces. Depending on the laces you can distinguish the styles of these dress shoes. For example if the shoes have a open laced system that has visible flaps then it is Derby shoes but if the shoes have a close laced system that hides the flaps inside then it means that they are Oxfords. The Oxfords are one the oldest known dress shoe types. The simple design of these shoes are the most versatile and thus helps to easily dress up or down. These type of shoes are available in different styles that is with varied construction or build. The timeless style can be worn for almost any events or occasions. Thus getting an a pair of Oxfords can ensure that you get through the prom night comfortably and also you can use them for different purposes like for your graduation or for college interviews. The key to the longevity of these dress shoes is selecting the right kind of leather and also maintaining it properly during the use. Also when it comes to the color of the Oxfords you can go with black for the most formal events and brown for less casual ones. As for prom if you are wearing a tuxedo then go with black Oxfords to maintain the elegant look. If you are wearing suits then you can select other color options that best suit you. While you can pair the Oxfords with any type of formal wear it is never advisable to wear them with casuals like t-shirts and jeans. Also make sure to avoid wearing them with white socks for a more dignified look.

Now if you are not a very Oxfords kind of person then another style that you can go with is the loafer dress shoes. Loafers dress shoes give you the perfect middle of  the road look that makes you look elegant and at the same time every but stylish. These shoes are also very famous for their laceless slip on design and can be the best choice for your prom night. These shoes can be paired with almost any outfits and one of the most practical designs in the shoes fashion. These shoes were first designed laceless so that they can be put on and taken off easily without wasting much time. Also there are numerous styles of these shoes to choose from. You will have to careful while choosing this style. Now if you are thinking of buying these shoes for only formal events then you can go with the leather ones that are every bit formal as any other  dress shoes. But there are also less formal styles of loafers like velvet ones and suede ones. Thus make sure that you select the right one that fits your need and also at the same time most useful to you. A leather loafer paired with a low cut sock can even be worn to most formal events like to office meetings. There are many styles in this style like the penny loafers, tassel loafers and there are some very pricey ones too like in Gucci. Though only adopted widely in recent times the style has been in history for centuries. As for the color of the shoes for formal events go with dark colors like the black or brown but if you are confident enough and when it complements your outfit you can go with other brighter colors like blue, red and grey. These brighter and lighter shades also look especially good on velvet loafers since they give out a sheen that makes it look stylish.

The Monks is the type of dress shoes that you can go with except than loafers when you genuinely want to get rid of the laces in your shoes. The Monks have a strap in the place of the laces and these straps can be buckled on the side. This type of dress shoes are considered to be less formal than the Oxfords and is one of the practical styles which becomes the best option when you are travelling or involve any other physical activities to a high degree. This shoes draws the inspiration from the styles used by the European monks who used this buckled fashion for increased flexibility. The name of the shoes also is because of this origin. Before you fill up the wardrobe with the usual laced shoes think about these varying styles of dress shoes that offer variety and also gives you a new distinguished look from the usual ones. You can wear the Monks with formal outfits but at the same time it also works exceptionally well with the semi formal attires too. They also sometimes come with yen cap toes which is an additional layer of  protection to the shoes. These type of shoes are the most versatile and can be worn to any type of event be it casual outing or highly formal events. They also come with two straps so that they are both fashionable and secure. This is what makes it a ideal pick for prom since the night may involve dancing. Also you are a teenage student and thus this versatile type of shoes may be the best option when compared to the purely formal ones and also save your money.

Another stylish option that you can go by for your prom night is the Brogues. Actually Brogue isn't actually a shoe style and is a detail invented to be incorporated in a shoe design. Therefore brogue can be of any shoes like in derbies or Oxfords. Now the brogueing was first introduced in the shoe design so that the shoes become more fit for outdoor activities. Brogueing is actually the provision of tiny holes on the surface of the shoes so that if incase water enters into the shoes it can drain out properly since it does not do good for the  leather when it is soaked for a long time. While this detailing started out for this functional reason nowadays brogueing has become more of a trend and is mostly done for stylish purposes. Brogues give the normal dress shoes a rustic appeal since it is an outdoor style. You can find the detail of this brogueing even in the casual shoes like sneakers. Therefore for dress shoes feel go with the leather ones. As for prom this may be a good pick since the normal dress shoes may make you look too mature while this can make you still look stylish.

Now as we have covered most of the best options for your prom dress shoes here are some points that you have to note while purchasing for any of the above mentioned styles. When you are purchasing for these dress shoes the first thing that you will have to note is the fit of it. A good pair of shoes that rightly fit your feet will make you walk comfortably and naturally. For this you will have to find the size of the shoe that rightly fits you. So to find the right size and fit don't be shy to try on different shoes. When you are trying these out wear socks since you will be wearing these dress shoes always with socks. Thus wearing them with your skinny socks on will help you find the right fit. Then after you put on the shoe try walking on it. The shoe should not hold on to your feet by being too tight but at the same time shouldn't be too loose as to slip off when you walk fastly. Also a well fitting pair of shoes will not put much stress on your pressure points on your feet. Also your feet shape also matters. If your feet is too broad then it may not be good to go with leaner models of the shoes since you will obviously feel uncomfortable when wearing it. In this case you should go with wide toes shoes that leave you enough space for your toes and at the sides too. For an ideal fit of your shoes there should be a inch of space between your big toe and the said shoe's toe box. This means that you have the required wiggle space thus allowing your feet proper movement when walking.

When it comes to dress shoes they must be of leather for it to be perfect. So if you are selecting your leather shoes for prom make sure that you spend your money right since quality leather shoes last for a lifetime and you can use it for many other occasions. Suede which is another tyoe of leather is also a good pick when it comes to dress shoes. A good quality leather shoe is supple yet firm to touch. Also to ensure perfect quality make sure that there aren't any imperfections like scars or blemishes on the shoes. Also you can gauge the quality of the leather shoes by its smell. The quality ones are perfectly treated and thus would smell like the polish from the shoemaker but the cheap ones would smell like chemicals or plastic since they would not be properly curated. Also check for the stitching on the shoes. While the stitching on the quality shoes will be durable and thick the ones on cheap ones will easily break. There are some very cheap ones where the stitching will be just for show and thus you should check whether the stitching on it is authentic before purchasing it.