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Brown Suits

Brown Suits

Are you searching for some alternatives of gray and navy blue suits? If yes then brown suits would be the best choice that will elevate your style game to the next level. Brown color suits for men are re-emerging and becoming a trend in men's fashion. It is a versatile color and it can go well with any colors.

Two-Button-Brown-Fit-Suit Celebrity stylist Harriet Byczok says " Brown is shunned from the fashion industry for decades but it does not mean it is difficult to wear". Brown suits are available in different shades such as light brown and dark brown and also in different patterns from solid to pinstripes and windowpane checks. A well fitted mens brown suit with perfect shirts, shoes and accessories combinations will help you to look fantastic.

If you think you can wear only brown belts and shoes then you are wrong. Brown suit is also a nice color suit to wear, the only thing you have to know is how to wear a brown suit. So if you are not able to pick the right shade, what accessories work well with it, and how to pair it with a huge variety of colors then don't worry i am here to solve all your queries related to brown suits.

Different Shades Of Brown Suits

There are many shades of a brown suit for men. You can wear them according to your complexion and events. A brown suit is versatile and goes well with any color. So let's discuss some shades of a brown suit and how to wear them.

Light Brown Suit

A light brown suit gives a classic, timeless and comfortable look. It evokes almost a tropical feel.

A light blue shirt is perfect for this suit. Light blue shirts perfectly balance with many lighter shades of a brown suit.

A white shirt with this suit is a perfect combo for a formal look. Some variations of light brown suits like beige and tweed also look best with light blue or white shirts.

Two-Buttons-Bronz-Wool-Suits Dark Brown Suit

Dark brown suit is also a best choice. Always consider dark color shirts for this suit.

Emerald, ruby, blue and purple color shirts well go with dark brown color suits. But white shirts are still perfect with a dark brown color suit for formal looks.

Dark brown shoes are best for this suit because this combination makes the outfits look great. Never wear black shoes with a dark brown color suit.

Chocolate Brown Suit

If you are searching for some alternatives to your gray or blue suits then a chocolate brown suit would be a good option for you. You can also wear it with jeans to get a casual look.

It is itself a very dark color so a light color shirt will match perfectly. Cream, light blue, pink and various red options(red windowpane, red/white strips) color shirts can easily go with chocolate brown suits.

Different Patterns Of Brown Suits

Brown suits are available in many different patterns. It has very rich patterns which you wouldn't find traditionally with any navy blue or charcoal gray suits. So lets see some of these patterns.

Brown Plaid Suit

If you want a classic look then a brown plaid suit would be a best choice. Wear matching accessories with this suit to look charming and polished.

To look sharp, wear brown plaid suits with light blue dress shirts and to complement this look pair it with a dark brown leather brogues.

Wear this suit with white dress shirt to look smart and to look killer compliment this combo with a pair of dark brown leather loafers.

Brown Tweed Suit

Nothing is more classic than a brown tweed suit in autumn. It is a versatile suit and can be worn casually or formally.

It can also be worn on campus. Just wear a tweed brown suit jacket with a classic v-neck sweater and slim denim and now you are ready to rock on campus.

Brown tweed suits can be worn in various styles. Wearing a tweed brown suit vest with a denim jacket is perfect for a casual look. A full 3 piece suit is best for a sartorial look.

Brown pinstripe suit

A brown pinstripe suit is more versatile than you think. Nothing makes a statement like brown pinstripes suits. It is ideal to wear a pinstripe suit in workplaces. It can be tricky to style this suit but it looks so good once you have.

A brown color pinstripe suit with a french blue shirt and contrasting tie is an amazing combination. A white color shirt is perfect for this suit but you can also go with a cream or ivory color shirt.

If you wear this suit with proper combinations then it makes people's heads turn to take a look at you.

Brown Suit Wedding Outfit

brown-suits A brown suit is not a traditional wedding suit but that doesn't mean that it can't be worn on weddings.A brown suit is never recommended for summer weddings but it is suitable for winter or autumn weddings.

For an outside wedding, a dark brown suit is best to look good because the earth tones are all around you. You can wear a perfectly tailored 3 piece brown suit with matching accessories to look polished and sophisticated.

What Shoes To Wear With Brown Suits

If we talk about the shoes then here are huge options. Selecting the right brown suit shoes is very crucial. So always pick shoes wisely otherwise your brown suit look will go wrong.

If you are dressing for casual events then slip-on Chelsea boots or sneakers will give you a fresh and relaxed look. For a formal event leather oxford or double monk would be appropriate.

Knowing the right color shoes for a brown suit is also very important. If you wear a medium brown suit then contrasting shade of brown shoes would be best. But if you opt a dark brown suit then dark cognac or oxblood are considerable to create contrast.

If you are wearing a white shirt and black tie with a brown suit then black oxford is another good choice.