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Weddings are one of the most frequent events that we come across in our lifetime whether be it our own or someone we know. Whatever be it we would love to make good memories of the special day and no one could count the amount of clicks that the day is supposed to get. To get good pictures we should ensure that we are dressed properly for the event. While being guests is one thing, being the groom and one wardrobe dysfunction then you will be left with a series of photos that your parents, children and if lucky your grandchildren will definitely make fun of.

So weddings are once in a lifetime event if you are lucky enough ( unless you are Ross Geller ) and therefore it is important that you look best on your special day. The first step to getting a perfect look on your wedding day is to start planning early. We have seen many grooms postpone it to the end and then stress about it all day before the wedding. It is your day and to make sure you look the best you should spend some quality time on deciding what to wear and how to rock it since it is the first thing everyone is going to note.

First of all decide on whether you are going down the   aisle wearing a wedding suit or a tuxedo. Tuxedos for weddings is still a popular style in many places and this is the basic thing you will have to decide on before moving to the details. It may be even better to discuss it with your bride since she obviously will know more about the theme than you do. For example if you are going with a very formal type of wedding then it may be best for you to go with a tuxedo and if not wedding suits will do the job. Now if you are going with a tuxedo as your choice then think about whether you want your own or you want to rent it out for the day alone. Renting a tuxedo for wedding is nothing new and for some is the best choice. We would always recommend to go with custom made ones that are made just for you but they come with a hefty price tag attached to it. And they are a complete waste if you aren't a person who loves wearing a tuxedo and do not use it again. In these cases it may be best to go with renting out a tuxedo since spending thousands on a garment that you do not intend to wear in the future is a complete waste of your money and also the fine fabric. The main thing to note while renting a tuxedo is to make sure that it is of right fit since ill fitting ones will be a complete disaster. If you aren't very satisfied with the fit then take it to your tailor and have it fitted to your size.

If your wedding is more of a casual and intimate event with your close ones then you can go with wedding suits. The main thing you will have to consider while buying your wedding suit is the season in which your wedding is scheduled. You should select the color of the wedding suits according to this since certain colors look good at certain climates.

When it comes to weddings black wedding suit is still a favourite among a major group of people. Black wedding suits are elegant and have a commanding vibe about it but also very common. If you are thinking of an alternative to the usual black then there are numerous options for you to choose from.

Before deciding on a color think whether you need a three piece wedding suit or a two piece wedding suit. Three piece wedding suits are famous for wedding settings and they look elegant and beautiful. Keep in mind the season in which the wedding is scheduled in and choose as such. For example if you have a formal wedding in a hall and in winter then three piece wedding suit may be your best choice. This is because of the fact that the three piece wedding suits are considered to be more formal than the two piece wedding suit and also the fact that vests provide extra warmth to the wearer in the cold is a added benefit for winter weddings. But if you are planning a wedding in outdoor setting that is most probably summer ones then you can go with two piece wedding suits since they may be more comfortable than the three piece ones. You do not want to sweat like crazy wearing a three piece wedding suit when the groom is walking down the aisle towards you.

Another major thing you will have to note is the fit of the wedding suit. As the event is day long and probably you will be in that wedding suit the full day you have to ensure that it is of the perfect fit that is both stylish and comfortable to wear. Never compromise with a tight fitting one since there area  lot of chances that you are going to dress in that wedding suit. So when it comes to your wedding suit it may be best if you get a custom tailored one. They are worth the money since you can use it later for other events too. If you aren't much into custom tailoring of wedding suits then you can go with off the rack wedding suits but just make sure that is of the right fit since a well fitted cheap suit is always better than an expensive ill fitting one.

Also you spend some time on researching the current trends in wedding suits or better get the help of your groomsmen in this aspect. You will definitely not want to be in your special day in a outdated or tacky style. Nowadays there are increasing number of weddings that follow a certain theme and the couple and the guests come dressed according to it. Let your imagination loose and think of the best ways to make your special day even more special and memorable.

As we mentioned above the season at which the wedding is scheduled matters the most in deciding your wedding suit. If you are going for a winter wedding then you should go with thick fabrics like wool and tweed for your wedding suits since you don't want to be seen shivering while reading your vows. Also the color of the wedding suit should be subdued like classic ones like black, navy or charcoal since these colors work well with the somber climate. Also if the wedding is set in the middle of the city say in a famous hall then it may be better to have formal dress codes since it may be the most appropriate one for the setting of that type. On the other hand if you are thinking of a spring or summer wedding then the choices are abundant. Spring and summer most obviously means colors and make sure that you have a vibrant theme for your wedding that matches the bloom of the climate. For these weddings you can go with brighter colors on wedding suits and even try out patterned ones. The brighter hues look good under natural light and thus aids for beautiful wedding pictures. Also you can go with lighter colors like cream, white, off white, beige and   tan in these weather. This may be the best choice for summer weddings especially the outdoor ones. Better yet if you are thinking of having a beach wedding then think of lighter fabrics like cotton or linen since wool may make you feel stuffy under the heat. Linen is a great summer fabric and choosing one that is breathable means that you can get through the day without sweating like a pig. Now beach weddings equals to fun and make sure you dress for the fun. Get dressed in a comfortable way so that you can rock the dance floor and have some running around and also better yet for some dipping in water.

As for the accessories associated with the wedding the ties are a major part. Best choice will be to go with bow ties that complement your outfit. You can go with mild colors with patterns on it matching it with your groomsmen. As for other things like watches, bracelets and rings choose ones that complement your outfit without standing out too much on their own. Make sure that all the metals like in watches, trinklets and belt buckles all match whether be it gold or silver.

The last thing you will have to keep in mind while purchasing your wedding suit is to collaborate with your bride. She may have some stellar ideas on the pick since women tend to take time in perfecting the details. While it is not the trend to wear matching colors of outfits it may be best to wear something that matches with your bride's wedding dress. This can be very small like the tie color or the boutonniere color. Make sure you have that small detail that makes the two of you look great together. A single flower is better as a boutonniere than having an array. It may be better to ask for help to your bride or your groomsmen if you aren't certain on some things.

Now we have covered all the basics of the wedding suits for groom. If you are wondering on how to dress for weddings as a guest the rest of the article is on that. Many men still think dressing up is a hard jobs and just want to get it over with. Dressing up for a wedding is also not that very easy. But if you know the basics it may not be that dreadful. First of all consider yourself lucky if you get a dress code along with the wedding invitation. They have just made your job easy and all you have to do is to stick with the rules in the code and you will be good to go. Most weddings have a dress code and if you see anything in it termed optional then try to incorporate it in your outfit. Also remember the setting at which the wedding is taking place. If it is a formal type like in the middle of the city then it may be best for you to stick with the classic choice of wedding suits in muted colors. Avoid wearing distinctive choices to these type of wedding since you do not want to steal the thunder from the couple on their special day. But if the wedding is more of a casual type like in a beach then you may have a little more choices. You can go for brighter or lighter colors which can never wear to your office. Now if you are in the groomsmen squad you can also try out some distinct looks that you make the wedding fun to attend like bright socks colors. If you do not receive a dress code with the invitation then you can check with the host and get clarification on what is expected of you. If you are not able to reach them you can discuss with their fellow attendees and decide on a similar style. One advice is that it will be always better to be overdressed than to be under dressed for any events since you can easily dress down by taking of the tie or jacket but that will not be the case if you are underdressed. If you are dressing your toddler   for the wedding make sure that he wears suits in comfortable way since children tend to be uncomfortable in suits. It may be best to avoid making them wear suits until they reach 2 to 3 years of age. Some of the best colors for wedding suits are blue, pink, grey and all the lighter shades like tan, beige, white etc especially for summer weddings.