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1 button tuxedos look great for any special occasion that wants you to look smart, special and casual. You might choose them for a wedding, evening party or a casual event that needs you to be at your best. At Suit USA you have really a good collection of tuxedoes that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Colour ranges, size and styles you find here is something you can never find elsewhere. Suit USA have a lovely collection of 1 button tuxedos as they have a team of Italian tailors who work on every single suit with dedication.

Every tux you see listed below have a special touch of the tailor's craftsmanship. The fitting, style and finish you get here is simply unique. Are you someone with above average size? We have wide range of varieties to suit your specific needs too. You can have your suits and trouserstailor stitched for your special requirements. Authentic styles are brought to life with the artistic touch of our professional tailors. Weaves and materials we use are of high quality and best to keep you 1 button tuxedos as good as new for years to come.