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Western men especially Americans wear varieties of formal dress materials for weddings, engagement, parties, and dinners and create positive impressions in the minds of the others. When it comes to men's formal dresses there are tons of apparel like Prom Tuxedo, suits, blazers, jackets, and sports coats. Like suits, sports coats and other fashion garments even Tuxedos have an interesting history. 

During the year 1860, elite upper-middle-class men living in the country of the UK started wearing casual lounge-style suits which ultimately become popular everywhere. Adult men were seen wearing tailed as well as tailless suits for weddings and other outdoor functions. They also wore suits and long shirts and took part enthusiastically in cocktail parties, night club activities, and stage-show and spent their valuable time with others in these types of extravagant outdoor activities. 

Hence, it is easy to conclude that suits and tuxedos were popular right from time immemorial. Tuxedos became men's favorite dress material during the late 1990s and most of them started wearing stylish bespoke two and three-piece tuxedos along with formal dress pants for various important functions and occasions. Even now, men all over the world consider Prom Tuxedo a formal outfit and use them during weddings, proms, evening dinner, and other official meetings. 

Bridegrooms in the USA have to seriously follow dress codes during their wedding ceremonies failing which they will not get that respect and best treatment from others. 
What is the difference between tuxedos and suits?
Even though both tuxedos and suits are official wears still there are few differences between the two. Tuxedos that you see in the shops have satin facing on the lapels and also on other parts like buttons and pocket trim. Suits are plain clothing and they do not have satin on the lapels or other parts. Men who wear tuxedos should complement it with bow-tie and a stylish waistcoat or vest and this is always the basic rule in the USA and also in other parts of the world. On the other hand, if they wear a suit then they should complement it with vest and long designer ties. Tuxedos set you apart from the others and enrich your outlook thoroughly. Tuxedos are more formal than the suit.
Wedding, as well as Prom Tuxedo suits, come in varieties of colors, style, and pattern and you can choose the best ones that go well with your skin tone, color, and outlook. 
What are the different types of Prom Tuxedo jackets?
A wedding is an important ceremony and most of the family members, friends, and guests will look at you at close quarters and judge your social status based on what you wear for the ceremony. So, you have to show caution while buying Prom Tuxedo jackets from the market or reputed online shops. There are varieties of stylish readymade and bespoke Prom Tuxedo jackets that will protect you in the limelight and some of them are listed below.

  • One-button and multiple button Prom TuxedosCamouflage tuxedos
  • Double-breasted tuxedos
  • Long fashion tuxedos
  • Slim fit tuxedos
  • Tuxedo tails
  • Mens Tuxedo Blazer
  • Linen and cotton tuxedos
  • Tailcoat tuxedo
  • Summer tuxedo

What are the reputed brand names in the tuxedo category?
The world-famous brands that sell varieties of tuxedos at best prices are listed below. 
-          Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren Tuxedos
This premium brand which has gained immense reputation in the market sells varieties of high quality two button tuxedos that comes with interesting details and solid embellishments that are listed below

  1. Satin notch lapel
  2. Flap pockets with satin besom
  3. No vent and double revers pleated trouser with side pockets
  4. Suspender buttons
  5. Superfine wool

You can wear a white long-sleeve dress shirt under black Ralph Lauren tuxedos and complement it with grey silky vest and black leather shoes. You will get that mesmerizing and charismatic look when you wear this Prom Tuxedo for your wedding ceremony. 
-         Mantoni Vested virgin wool Tuxedo 

Mantoni brands are highly popular everywhere since tuxedos that come out from this company has all the elements that you are looking for from it. Mantoni Prom Tuxedo comes in varieties of sizes like short, regular, and long styles and you can choose the best one that meets your requirements. Check whether the tux has the following elements.

  1. Super 140's Virgin wool 
  2. Side, chest and other types of pockets
  3. Sexy lapels and solid buttons
  4. Perfect fitting 

Click here to get the names of the reputed shops that sell vested tuxedo shirt bowtie at nominal prices. 
-         Hugo Boss Tuxedo

Hugo Boss excels in selling slim-fit dinner tuxedo or jackets that come with supreme embellishments and details like 

  1. Shawl lapels
  2. Slim fit style
  3. Two-button style
  4. Welt chest pockets
  5. Side vent and button cuffs

Big and Tall men will look smart and suave when they wear this best dress material.

When should men wear prom tuxedos?
Dinner jackets are normally worn during evening formal gatherings, celebrations, and formal meetings. You can wear burgundy, black or white tuxedos for important red-carpet events and also for weddings. Unlike before bridegrooms have started wearing bow as well as long ties for the event. Before wearing the Prom Tuxedo check whether the outfit has satin and other gorgeous features ingrained in it. Even you can wear colored tuxedos. Shiny white shawl lapel tuxedos will go well with white formal pants and black bow tie. You will look like a James Bond when you wear this style combo along with sturdy boots or leather shoes. 
Do not forget the fact that Prom Tuxedo is a formal outfit and it has to be worn only for weddings, dinner, red carpet events, and all other formal events. You should also wear colorful bowties and other quality accessories and metallics along with the tuxedo jackets and pants. Select the trendy colors that can project you wonderfully in front of others. If you are engaged and planning to meet your fiancée shortly, then you should wear a pink or light green slim fit tuxedo along with a branded white dress shirt and bow tie and dark gray pants. Do not wear long ties and unbutton the jacket in such a way the vest is visible to the public. It is not seasonal wear and you can wear them throughout the year and during all the seasons. There are myriad color choices when it comes to dating tuxedos and you can choose light gray, violet, rose, brown, black, and green suits. 
How to select the best tuxedo shirts and pants
You can find the best tuxedo shirts and pants that come with the best quality, fabrics, embellishments, and details if you do a little bit of online research and survey. It is a general practice to wear tuxedo shirts along with tuxedo jackets. Listed below are some of the most popular tuxedo shirts in the market.

  • Tuxedo with Bow-Tie Set French Cuff White Men's Dress Shirt

 This is considered as a versatile piece of dress shirt that goes well with tuxedo jackets. This fastest-selling product comes with stylish details like

  1. 2-piece tuxedo dress shirt with bow tie and French cuff
  2. Long sleeves
  3. Readymade shirt
  4. Color is white

You can wear this white shirt with black, white, green, red, and other contrast color tuxedo jackets and captivate other's hearts.

  • Men's Classic Cream/Ivory Ruffled Dress 100% Cotton Casual Trendy Tuxedo Shirt

 This cream with ivory ruffled tuxedo dress shirt is impressively made and come from the house of the branded manufacturer. It comes with following details and embellishments.

  1. Button closure with collar
  2. Vintage-ruffles all down the front
  3. Convertible cuffs
  4. Slim fit
  5. 100% cotton material

You can wear this cream-colored tuxedo dress shirt under pink, violet, black and green colored tuxedo and flaunt with style.

  • Mens Lay Down Tuxedo White-Blue Dress Shirt

You will be admired by many and gain that showstopper look when you wear this white blue tuxedo dress shit for weddings, proms, and other formal functions. It goes well with varieties of tuxedo and dress pants. Check whether this shirt has button closure, white blue combination, and spread collar. 
You can also wear this tuxedo shirt without jackets and step out of your house with a flamboyant look. Fancy tuxedo shirts are also gaining immense popularity all through the US and other countries like Canada and South America. 
Does tuxedo come in a wide variety of colors?
Yes, of course, the tuxedo jackets and blazers come in wide varieties of popular colors like the ones listed below.

  • Baby blue tux
  • Champagne tux
  • Dark navy-blue tux
  • Gold Tuxedos
  • Ivory tuxedos
  • Light blue tux
  • Mauve tux
  • Olive green and so on.

The main highlight of tuxedo blazers and jackets is that it comes with satin, impressive lapels, quality buttons, and stylish collars. You will brim with the utmost beauty when you wear a proper combination.
What are some of the popular tuxedo fabrics?
There are varieties of tuxedo fabrics that you can choose from the shop and some of the best options are as follows.

  • Floral 
  • Velvet
  • Tartan
  • Sequin
  • Snakeskin 
  • Linen

You can also choose the tuxedo by pattern and some of the popular ones are striped, paisley, plaid, and flower tuxedos. 
Are there vintage and Christmas tuxedo in the market?
If you are planning to buy vintage Prom Tuxedo that was worn during the year 1920s and later, then you should check whether the product comes with the following details.

  1. One button
  2. Single-breasted
  3. Shawl label
  4. Two flat front packets
  5. One chest pocket
  6. White color 

You can also choose gray, black, red, and green 1920s tuxedo from established online shops. Click here to get the names of some of the top online dress sellers. You can also get that vintage outlook when you wear a Black Retro vintage tuxedo that comes with the following details.

  • A white trim against black
  • One button style
  • Fit cut
  • Old style jacket

You can also wear hats, ancient style jewelry, old types of sunglasses, and vintage watches. 
Christmas is an important festival that has to be celebrated with others with much fanfare. You will look decent and dignified when you wear a black bow tie, white tuxedo dress shirt with long sleeves, red and black tuxedo jacket that comes with proper length and breadth, and has two pockets, black color formal dress pants and black leather shoes. 
What types of shoes and accessories go well with a tuxedo shirt and pants?
Tuxedo shirts, jackets, and pants are formal business and wedding attires. You cannot wear a tuxedo shirt and jacket for casual functions or weekend parties. You should complement it with the best metallics, watches, cufflink, tiepin, and shoes. Do a bit of research and also explore online shoes and fashion guides to get a better insight into tuxedo accessories. 
You should choose branded and formal shoes like oxfords, opera pumps, derby, Windsor velvet, and park avenue. If you are planning to wear costly shoes for your upcoming wedding ceremony or dinner event, then spend your money liberally on these types of accessories. You can find a necklace that comes with images of the animals like cat, lion, tiger, and cheetah inscribed on the pendants. You can buy and wear these types of necklaces along with a tuxedo. Choose gold, silver, and pearl cufflinks that go well with the color of the tuxedo. If you are planning to wear 1920s tuxedo or vintage tuxedos then choose vintage cuff links. 
Check if you can get vintage watches that are made from gunmetals. You can wear these types of old watches along with 1920s tuxedo. Mother of pearl cufflinks are popular everywhere and you can wear them comfortably on your stylish cuffs. Teenaged men who have boyish look and attractive face should wear eagle claw cufflinks, red boutonniere, shoes that have laces, silk socks, pocket square, and bow ties. Fashionistas can wear as per their whims and fantasies since there are plenty of choices. 

Readymade tuxedo may come with certain types of limitations. If you are not comfortable with readymade suits and tuxedos then you go for bespoke tuxedos. You can share your ideas with the tailor and bring home a well-stitched tuxedo that hugs your body nicely.