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Mens Sweater


Mens sweaters play a major role when the winter season starts to roll in. During the earlier times the men were hesitant to wear sweaters and it was greatly considered to be women's style especially the fluffy versions but times are changing. We now see a large group of men favouring the garment to a great deal and even donning them over shirts without jackets. You can see a lot of styles in mens sweaters emerging and some great ones on runways too. Men have started embracing all the finer details if fashion and hence the sweaters are again taking a front seat.

If you observe  closely  the sweater fashion has most of the men regardless of their age groups covered. If you are not a sweater type of person then you may wonder what the hype is all about. There are many advantages of donning on a sweater with the primary thing among it all is the good old warming factor. The mens sweaters are usually made from thick fabrics that have great insulation properties and hence they tend to retain the body heat regardless of the outside chilling temperature thus making it a proper winter garment. Other than that a quality sweater that is of the right fit flatters almost every body shape. It is one of the good pick of garment for the large guys since it streamlines the big figure and makes you look slimmer. It also works best for skinny guys since if you get a fluffy one or one of the right build then it adds bulk to their skinny physique. Winters tend to be gloomy and dull and hence going dressed in a monotonous outfit like grey suit or navy suit every day can dampen the mood. With the help of sweaters you can add some color to your outfit thus giving you a nice look. Now if you are thinking of getting a mens sweater then there are some basic things that you will have to keep in mind before venturing out in your shopping spree.

Mens sweaters are basically winter garments and are worn to keep the wearer warm and to add layers. Therefore the first thing that you will have to think about is the fabric from which the sweater is made from. The sweaters as said before are made from thick fabrics that have good insulation properties. But nowadays sweaters that are made from lightweight materials and which are of lighter build are also available. These sweaters do little to ward off the cold but are mostly preferred for their stylish and fashionable look. These fashion sweaters are mostly worn with layers.

When it comes to selecting the fabric of the mens sweater, wool is the most famous fabric among all. This can be due to the fact that the wool is one of the oldest and easily available fabric which makes it also affordable by most people. Historical fashion also favoured wool to a great degree but only among the working class while the elites preferred to go with the finer ones. The wool is known to breathe well which makes it garment that can be worn all day without feeling uncomfortable.

Cashmere is the gold standard of mens sweaters and is the luxury fabric that we save for the special occasions. They are softer and more comfortable than wool but they most you many more times than the wool fabrics. Cashmere sweaters are made from the long downy Kashmir goat hairs and they are light as feather. At the same time they have great insulating properties making them an ideal pick for people who live in places with harsh winters. Though the Cashmere sweaters can cost you hundred of dollars for a fashion lover it is a small price to pay for the elegant look the fabric offers. It may be best to get Cashmere sweaters only if you already have wool sweaters designated for daily use. Also remember to take them out for extremely special occasions like only four to five times a year. The cashmere fabric is very soft and hence can wear out easily which means that proper maintenance is in due for the garment to stay in your wardrobe for a long time.

Now if you are a person living in a place where the winters are manageable but you still want to try on the sweater style then you should go with cotton sweaters. These sweaters aren't as thick as their wool and cashmere counterparts. They also keep you cooler than the former fabrics but this may be a good choice if the place you live doesn't get very cold in winters. Also some people may find the fuzzy fabric like wool irritable but it will not be the case with cotton. The cotton sweaters are cheaper than both wool and definitely cashmere.

If you find the costs of the pure fabrics to be too expensive for your liking then it may be best for you to go with blended fabrics. These blended fabrics tend to increase the performance of the garment since they combine the best characteristics of both the materials that blend together. Also the blended fabrics are much more cheaper than the pure fabrics. For example if you are getting a sweater that is of wool and cashmere blend then the sweater will be more softer than pure wool ones and at the same time cheaper when compared to the pure cashmere sweaters. But while buying these blended sweaters make sure to read the label since some companies tend to label it as cashmere but what really constitutes of them are simply wool and synthetic fabrics.

Apart from this sweaters made from fur are also available. These fur sweaters are best to be reserved for people who live in places of extreme winters since they tend to offer great insulation. Silk sweaters are also present in the market but these sweaters tend to look a little flashy when compared with its wool and cashmere counterparts.

The last option for you when it comes to fabric of the mens sweater is the synthetic fabrics. These fabrics can mimic the properties of the above mentioned natural ones and also at a very low cost sometimes even lower than the cotton. But while purchasing for the synthetic ones like acrylic sweaters the main thing that you will have to keep in mind is the quality of the garment since the synthetic ones tend to always be lesser quality than the natural fabrics.

After you choose the fabric of your taste and need, the next thing to focus on is the color of the sweater. For selecting the color of the mens sweater the main thing that you will have to note is the occasion and purpose for which you are purchasing the garment. Dark colored sweaters are the best pick when it comes to formal use sweaters. If you are thinking of wearing the sweater to your office with your formal suit then stick with classic darker colors and the ones which works well with the suit colors that you have in your wardrobe. Black sweaters, navy sweaters, charcoal grey sweaters, brown sweaters and more like that are best suited for formal use.

If you are thinking of wearing the sweaters for casual use the above said classic colors work good, but for a change you can go with lighter colors. While the lighter ones like light grey sweaters, light blue sweaters, light brown sweaters and white sweaters stand out too much when worn with formal outfits they look great when you pair them with casual outfits like jeans and t-shirts. Adding a dark colored overcoat to the mixture will make you look stylish effortlessly.

In case you are thinking about purchasing a lightweight fashionable sweater which you intend to wear in slightly warmer months like spring and autumn then. you can choose to go with brighter colors in sweaters. These sweaters are strictly to be used only with casual outfits since they tend to draw more attention to themselves and thus stand out too much when paired with monotonous formal outfits. In the same way these colors are not suitable for dull seasons like winter since they pop out too much. Some of the bright options recommended are red sweater, green sweater, purple sweater, royal blue sweater, olive sweater, teal sweater, lime green sweater and mint green sweater.

When you choose the color of the mens sweater you are purchasing you will definitely come across the ones with patterns. Patterns on sweaters are a good choice but it is best to keep them reserved to pair them with casual outfits. If for pairing with formal outfits it is better to stick with simple solids be it woven or stitched. Argyle is one of the most famous pattern choice on sweaters and garments with these patterns tend to garner attention thus becoming the center piece of your outfit. That is why you need to wear them only with casual outfits and it is best to match them with simple items that balance the look. These patterned sweaters are best to be worn under sports jacket and jeans for the cool casual look. The weave of the sweater matters is a  important point to note since they affect the insulation properties of the garment and also it's fit. Heavy rib patterned sweaters are thick and hence are the best to keep you warm under freezing temperatures. Plain woven sweaters are lighter and hence thus is slightly cooler.

Another major thing that you will have to decide upon is the type of the mens sweater that you need. There are a lot of types in the sweaters and you can choose the variety that best fits your need and purpose. First in line is the turtleneck sweaters. This stylish piece of garment can be worn with suits or a sports jacket or only by itself. They are well suited for men of any body type and make one look taller and slimmer. It is always best to go with dark colored turtleneck sweaters for formal use but if for casual use you can select the lighter tones like cream and off white which will make you look elegant.

V neck sweaters are one of the most common type of sweaters available in the market. The distinctive feature of this type of sweaters is as the name suggests its low cut V neck line. These sweaters cannot be worn on their own and always should be worn over a button down shirt or a high neck t-shirt. The V neck tends to draw attention to your face and creates a illusion of leaner look. This look is the best one for formal use but you will have remember not to have a very low V line.

Crew neck sweaters are one of the most preferred type of mens sweaters. The collared neck for this type of sweaters tend to reveal near to nothing of what you wear underneath the sweater and this is a bonus point if you are person who hates picking out clothes and trying to match them every morning. You can wear this sweater with a button down shirt and also with casual outfits.

Polo sweaters are the casual sweater types and you can wear them without a dress shirt given that you wear a sports jacket on top. Most sweaters come with long sleeves since they are the garments that you wear to keep yourself warm and thus it is best to cover the body to the maximum extent. But at the same time short sleeve sweaters and sleeveless sweaters also known as sweater vests are also available and the choice is purely based on the choice of the wearer.

The fit of the sweater is best to be form fitting without it being too tight or too loose. Some people prefer to go with larger size but make sure they look good on you.

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