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When the summer heat sets in, usually people go scurrying to their wardrobes in search of appropriate clothes for the season. The clothes in which we do not melt away. But however bad the condition may be many men tend to avoid wearing shorts. It is seen as a risk when it comes to dressing up. It may be accepted to a great degree when it comes to casual wears but most men have some strong negative feelings when it comes to wearing mens shorts with formal clothes like blazers and suits. But surprisingly the fashion is not so bad and also easy to pull off if you get to know some details and tips on it. Summer and spring are the two seasons when you can easily pull off the mens shorts style. Therefore do yourself a favor by ditching your long pants and going with the mens shorts during the scorching temperatures.

Now if you are thinking about trying on the mens shorts style then it may be best for you to learn some history of this fashion garment. The idea of the mens shorts is a one that was formed long before the trousers came into existence. The modern trousers style that we currently have is known to have developed during the Victorian period. But before this period a style which was widely known as breeches with stockings were one of the most famous style among men in the Western society.

This type of outfit consists of two pieces of garments. The first one which was known as the breeches were known to end just below the knee and then was fastened around the leg. The fastening of these short garments were done using buttons or drawstring. These breeches were paired with long knitted wool stockings that covered the wearer's leg completely. Only after the French Revolution which took place in the 1789 the trousers became a major component in men's fashion. Before that time the trousers were only used by the working class men.

Another major thing that contributed to the popularity of the mens shorts is the Caribbean island of Bermuda. A man called Nathaniel Coxton, who ran a tea shop on the island is known to be the creator of this mens shorts style that we currently have. It was designed for the sailors in the British Navy who complained about the scorching heat in the area. So this man introduced a new style by cutting the usual trousers to being 3 inches above the knee. Thus the Bermuda trousers style that we have now was born. Later this style became a famous one in the area and these mens shorts were worn with tailored blazers, ties and dress shirts paired with loafers and knee-length socks. This was the Bermudas national costume until the 2007. While this style was like a regional style this soon spread in popularity the other British colonies by the 1930s and by the 1950s the mens shorts have become one of the staple wear in mens wardrobe. The modern mens shorts style that we have now comes from this Bermuda style and is the one that was even approved by the then President Winston Churchill.

Now when it comes to the basics of the mens shorts fashion that we have now the length of the shorts have become still shorter than it was before. When it comes to the ideal length of the mens shorts the best option is to go with the ones that grazes the bottom of your thigh. This type of mens shorts above the knee look works best for almost all body types of men. This length of the mens shorts avoid cutting of the knee and in turn provides a look of short garment without it showing off too much flesh. Even you are thinking of covering up the length of mens shorts slightly above the knee is the best choice.

The length and fit of the mens shorts that you are buying should also depend on the body type of the wearer. For example if you are a person with slim legs then the regular fit of the mens shorts will do the job. But if you are person who has thick calves then it may be a better option for you to go with a slightly tapered cut of the mens shorts. The edges of these mens shorts should also be of the proper width since this can easily create a boxy look which you should avoid. Also the mens shorts with cargo pockets also makes your legs look thick so if you want to avoid it then take a bag with you instead of stuffing all your things in the shirts pockets. Another famous options when it comes to length of these garments is to go with mens shorts below the knee. This option is usually not recommended but when you are too much concerned with the skin showing then it might be a better choice to go with the longer shorts option. The comfort is the main reason for going with mens shorts and the purpose is lost when you are constantly worrying about what you are wearing. Hence when it comes to the length of the mens shorts go with the one that you feel most comfortable in.

Speaking of comfort, since the mens shorts is a summer garment the fabric from which it is made from matters a great deal. You need to select a fabric that is breathable so that you will feel comfortable wearing it. One of the best recommendations is to go with mens linen shorts. Linen is a material that is highly breathable and hence allows the air to easily pass through. Also the fabric is also well known for the moisture absorbing characteristics which are also known to be better than cotton. Linen absorbs moisture and evaporates it faster than cotton which makes them one of the most desirable summer fabric. Other than linen you can also go with  mens seersucker shorts. This fabric is known for its breathability characteristics and lightweightedness. For a slightly formal look you can go with  mens cotton shorts. They make the shorts look a little more dressy when compared to other fabrics like seersucker.

Now the thing that most men find hard to decide on is the occasion for which you can wear the mens shorts to without looking out of place. Winter season is relatively easy to dress compared to the summer. Dark slim jeans will do the job in winter but the colors start blooming with the warmer months. Also people tend to observe more during the summer because of all the natural light. Therefore if you are thinking of trying out the mens shorts style then it may be best if you know the details involved and how best to style them so that you can get the best out of them.

The first type of mens shorts for summer that is mostly recommended is the Chino shorts. This is the style that conforms with picnics and barbecues. The main advantage with the Chino shorts is that they can be easily dressed up or down according to the need of the wearer. As for the ideal length it may be best to go with Chino shorts that are an inch or two above the knee. As for styling the Chino shorts you can pair them with a classic button down shirt and a navy blazer along with a pair of loafers for a dressed up stylish look. When it comes to mens shorts casual look you can pair them with an oversized button down shirt and a pair of slippers.

The next style that is recommended when it comes to mens shorts formal look is the tailored shorts look. You are working in a pretty casual organization or don't have any dress code rules then you can choose it to be the work attire. You can pair this tailored shorts with a neatly ironed short, a linen blazer and a pair of dress shoes like Derbies for a classy polished look. You can also wear them to your date night. When it comes to pairing the garments with the mens shorts it is always best to go with muted colors. Also when it comes to these formal mens shorts style it may be a better option to avoid the detailing on these garments like the flap and zip pockets and instead go with plain styles.

The next popular option in these garments is the mens denim shorts. If you are a person who likes doing outdoor activities and who has a good use of hard-wearing casual garments then mens denim shorts is one of the best choices for you. The denim shorts are extremely durable and can last for a long time without wearing out too much. They may not be as breathable as cotton or linen but is a good choice when it comes to evening activities. Getting a dark shade of the mens shorts will help you with hiding the stains and you can also combine them with a nice shirt when it comes to sundown. When you pair the mens shorts with any garments you will have to take some special care since it can easily look unkempt if you style it improperly. You can pair this mens shorts With a slim fitting t-shirt and wear a jumper and sweatshirt over it. As for the footwear avoid wearing flip-flops or trainers with the denim shorts. It might be a better option for you to go with a pair of canvas or leather low tops to match with the low-key look you are going for.

The next type of mens summer shorts that we are going to discuss is the mens sports shorts. When you visit the gym especially in the summer days the heat tends to get us. In these times a mens sports shorts is a good option to go with. This leisure wear can make you look stylish and comfortable at the same time. When you are buying these shorts the color of the ones that you choose are also very important. If you are going with a subtle look that you need to wear during the regular day workouts then you can go with the classic colors like mens shorts black and mens shorts gray. These colors of mens shorts are easy to pair with any colors of outfits and also easily blend away. But if you are going for a more bright look then you can choose the ones like  mens shorts blue and mens shorts green. You can wear these shorts with crew neck t-shirt and bomber jacket for a cool look.

The next type of mens shorts that is the one that is most popular is the swim shorts. The market for these type of shorts is small since it is seasonal but there are a lot of styles available in this style. When it comes to these type of mens shorts they are mostly available in block colors and are made of quick drying fabrics. These type of mens shorts are shorter than the other usual styles. They are also available in bright colors and patterns. When you get these mens shorts in bright colors then you should pair them with muted colored garments on the top so that the look is balanced.

As for the ideal fit of the mens shorts it depends on the comfort of the wearer. When you use the mens shorts for formal use like with blazers then it might be better for you to go with slim fit ones like the  mens shorts designer. But if you are going with the casual look like  mens shorts with shirt set then you can go with the comfortable fit. There are numerous styles and check out the mens shorts sale in the online sites.